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  • Monrovia, Liberia
    Phone: 226878
    Contemporary Hotel located in suburban Monrovia, on O.A.U. (Organization of African Unity) Island at the Unity Conference Center....
    Commission: 10%
    115 Rooms
    102.3 miles 
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  • 2nd Ave PO Box 287, Conakry, Guinea
    Phone: 622-351907
    Twelve-story Seafront Hotel located downtown, facing the Loos Islands....
    First Class
    Commission: 8%
    196 Rooms
    337.4 miles 
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  • Lungi Airport, Lungi, Sierra Leone
    Phone: 25345
    Lungi Intl Airport....
    Commission: 10%
    45 Rooms
    278 miles 
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  • Ratoma PO Box 2146, Conakry, Guinea
    Phone: 424000
    Four-story Oceanfront Hotel set amid gardens in the heart of Rotoma....
    Superior First Class
    Commission: 10%
    110 Rooms
    $110-$600 (USD)
    337.6 miles 
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  • Commune de Dixinn, Sise Quartier Camayenne Corniche, Conakry, Guinea
    Phone: 656-101010
    This 123 room property, renovated in 2012......
    Commission: 10%
    123 Rooms
    336.7 miles 
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  • BP 1024, Yamoussoukro, Cote d'Ivoire
    Phone: 3064-6464
    Contemporary Hotel on 63 landscaped acres, overlooking the town....
    Moderate First Class
    Commission: 10%
    285 Rooms
    231.7 miles 
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  • 17 Lumley Beach Road, Aberdeen, Freetown, Sierra Leone
    Phone: 22-7925-3030
    Business-oriented 4-story Hotel situated at Lumley Beach, 8 miles from Freetown....
    First Class
    Commission: 10%
    172 Rooms
    $173-$674 (USD)
    280.2 miles 
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  • Bouake, Cote d'Ivoire
    Phone: 3163-2016
    Four-story Glass-and-Concrete Hotel situated downtown, near train station....
    Tourist Class
    Commission: 10%
    66 Rooms
    308.8 miles 
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  • Tombo Main Street, Conakry, Guinea
    Phone: 664-200444
    74 Rooms
    336.1 miles 
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  • 38 Spur Rd, Freetown, Sierra Leone
    Phone: 77-399399
    Located in the trendy residential area of Freetown, close to the British High Commission and Lumely Beach....
    Commission: 10%
    36 Rooms
    $150-$250 (USD)
    278.3 miles 
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