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Accommodations range from deluxe hotels and resorts to bed-and-breakfasts and hostels. Camping is recommended only in designated parks and beaches. Moderately priced local accommodations are clean and comfortable. Read More ...

The King David in Jerusalem is a world-renowned classic—even if you don't stay there, sit in the lobby one evening and soak in the atmosphere. Many U.S. hotel chains are located on Hayarkon Street in Tel Aviv—most of them have nice views of the Mediterranean. The Galilee is full of hospitable guesthouses and bed-and-breakfasts.

Mitzpeh Ramon (on the road from Eilat to Beer Sheva) is a Negev desert tourism center. The most renowned accommodation there is Succah in the Desert, an ecotourist setting of eight tents pitched in the area of the Ramon Crater. Each tent is cozily decorated and receives electricity generated by solar panels.< Show Less

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