Leipzig Attractions

Bach Museum and Research CenterFind Hotels Near Bach Museum and Research Center

Thomaskirchhof 15-16

Phone: Phone 341-913-7202

Sightseeing- Museums

Das Alte RathausFind Hotels Near Das Alte Rathaus

Markt 1

Phone: Phone 341-965-130

Sightseeing- Museums

Forum 1813Find Hotels Near Forum 1813

Strasse des 18 Oktober 100

Phone: Phone 341-241-6870

Sightseeing- Museums

Museum der bildenden Kunste LeipzigFind Hotels Near Museum der bildenden Kunste Leipzig

Katharinestrasse 10

Phone: Phone 341-2169-9999

Sightseeing- Museums

Naturkundemuseum LeipzigFind Hotels Near Naturkundemuseum Leipzig

Lortzingstrasse 3

Phone: Phone 341-982-210

Sightseeing- Museums

Neues GewandhausFind Hotels Near Neues Gewandhaus

Augustusplatz 8

Phone: Phone 341-127-0280

Performing Arts- Venues

OpernhausFind Hotels Near Opernhaus

Dreilindenstrasse 30

Phone: Phone 341-126-1261

Performing Arts- Opera

Schiller HouseFind Hotels Near Schiller House

Menckestrasse 42

Phone: Phone 341-566-2170

Sightseeing- Museums

Sports MuseumFind Hotels Near Sports Museum

Am Sportforum 10

Phone: Phone 341-980-6491

Sightseeing- Museums

ThomaskircheFind Hotels Near Thomaskirche

Thomaskirchhof 18

Phone: Phone 341-222-240

Sightseeing- Historic Sites