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  • Jawalakhel Lalitpur, Kathmandu, Nepal
    Phone: 1-552-2796
    Three story hotel with modern comforts and amenities, restaurant and rooftop terrace; located near the historic city of Patan....
    Commission: 15%
    32 Rooms
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  • Lazimpat PO Box 2769, Kathmandu, Nepal
    Phone: 1-441-4432
    Three story Hotel in T-shaped building; restaurant and bar; located in the diplomatic district of the city, 6 km from airport....
    Commission: 10%
    16 Rooms
    $36-$82 (USD)
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  • Lakeside, Pokhara, Nepal
    Phone: 61-460617
    This 85 room property, built in 1992......
    85 Rooms
    $80-$145 (USD)
  • Jyatha Thamal, Kathmandu, Nepal 29
    Phone: 1-422-6320
    Four-story Brick Hotel part of a 2-hotel compound, including the similar Hotel Taleju, both offering basic, modern facilities....
    Tourist Class
    Commission: 25%
    100 Rooms
    $15-$31 (USD)
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  • Tripureswar, Kathmandu, Nepal
    Phone: 1-422-8833
    Multi story Hotel with cultural deco styling offers modern comforts and restaurant; located a short walk to downtown area....
    Superior Tourist Class
    Commission: 15%
    100 Rooms
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  • Lumbini Sacred Garden, Lumbini, Nepal
    Phone: 98-4155-8545
    This 74 room property, renovated in 2012......
    74 Rooms
    $72-$110 (USD)
  • Sukra Path, New Rd, Kathmandu, Nepal 29
    Phone: 1-422-2630
    Located in the heart of the city; near shopping, Durbar Square, Hanuman Dhoka; 15 minutes from Tribhuvan Intl Airport....
    Commission: 10%
    53 Rooms
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  • Windy Hills, Nagarkot, Nepal
    Phone: 1-668-0080
    Hotel with restaurant and meeting facilities is located up in the hills, 32 kilometers from Kathmandu city....
  • Bhaktapur, Nagarkot, Nepal
    Phone: 1-668-0128
    European styled villa with pinewood paneling, 24 hour hot and cold running water, restaurant and garden lounge....
    Commission: 20%
    45 Rooms
    $72-$104 (USD)
  • Durbar Marg, Kathmandu, Nepal
    Phone: 1-422-1711
    Three story Hotel complex, Nepalese Pagoda ambience; located near Royal Palace and shopping; staff is multilingual....
    First Class
    Commission: 10%
    150 Rooms
    $140-$450 (USD)
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  • Khawa, Dhulikhel, Kathmandu, Nepal
    Phone: 11-490660
    Hilltop Hotel with bungalow type rooms offering modern comforts; overlooking the mountains....
    Commission: 10%
    43 Rooms
    $137-$161 (USD)
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  • 88 Amritmargl Jyatha Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal
    Phone: 1-426-7996
    This 35 room property, renovated in 1996......
    Commission: 10%
    35 Rooms
    $40 (USD)
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  • Battisputali, Kathmandu, Nepal 459
    Phone: 1-447-9488
    Landmark Hotel; terra cotta and intricate carved woods; Nepal heritage blends with modern comforts, rooms with individual decors....
    Superior First Class
    Commission: 15%
    72 Rooms
    $220-$1,675 (USD)
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  • Durbar Marg, Kathmandu, Nepal 760
    Phone: 1-422-0623
    Hotel with traditional styling & contemporary furnishings; located in the heart of business & shopping area, near Royal Palace....
    First Class
    Commission: 10%
    83 Rooms
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  • Thamel Marg, Kathmandu, Nepal 7424
    Phone: 1-444-0195
  • Chitwan National Park Sauraha Chitwan, Royal Chitwan Natl Park, Nepal 11798
    Phone: 56-580071
  • PO Box 659, New Baneswor, Kathmandu, Nepal
    Phone: 1-478-0100
    Seven story resort hotel with contemporary design and brick facade; views of Himalayas from all rooms; 1.5 miles from KTM airport....
    Superior First Class
    Commission: 10%
    160 Rooms
    $175-$550 (USD)
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  • Lakeside, PO Box 10, Pokhara, Nepal
    Phone: 61-520071
    Country-style Mountain Lodge with round cottages set amidst gardens, surrounded by Phewa Lake and forest covered hills....
    First Class
    Commission: 10%
    60 Rooms
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  • Chhinne Danda Kaski Pokhara 15 Green Canyon, Pokhara, Nepal 334
    Phone: 1-446-1918
    Traditional Nepali architecture, tasteful decor, golf course, set on 100 acres of terraced plateaus, overlooking the Seti Gorge....
    Superior First Class
    Commission: 10%
    165 Rooms
  • Jyatha, Kathmandu, Nepal 2056
    Phone: 1-421-5409
    Wildlife Camp, cottages, bath at the lodge, safari tents; situated inside Royal Chitwan National Park; staff is multilingual....
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