Phoenix Attractions

Ak-Chin PavilionFind Hotels Near Ak-Chin Pavilion

2121 N. 83rd Ave.

8.8 miles

Phone: Phone 602-254-7200

Performing Arts- Venues

Antiques on CentralFind Hotels Near Antiques on Central

5037 N. Central Ave.

4.3 miles

Phone: Phone 602-264-4525

Shopping- Antique Stores

Arizona Biltmore SpaFind Hotels Near Arizona Biltmore Spa

2400 E. Missouri Ave.

5.6 miles

Phone: Phone 602-381-7632. Toll-free 800-950-0086

Recreation- Spas and Health Clubs

Arizona Capitol MuseumFind Hotels Near Arizona Capitol Museum

1700 W. Washington St.

2.1 miles

Phone: Phone 602-926-3620

Sightseeing- Historic Sites

Arizona CenterFind Hotels Near Arizona Center

455 N. Third St. (at Van Buren)

.8 miles

Phone: Phone 602-271-4000

Shopping- Shopping Areas

Arizona DiamondbacksFind Hotels Near Arizona Diamondbacks

401 E. Jefferson St.

.8 miles

Phone: Phone 602-462-6500 for information and tickets

Spectator Sports- Baseball

Arizona HighwaysFind Hotels Near Arizona Highways

2039 W. Lewis Ave.

2.2 miles

Phone: Toll-free 800-543-5432

Shopping- Bookstores

Arizona OperaFind Hotels Near Arizona Opera

1636 N. Central Ave.

.6 miles

Phone: Phone 602-266-7464

Performing Arts- Opera

Arizona Science CenterFind Hotels Near Arizona Science Center

600 E. Washington St.

.9 miles

Phone: Phone 602-716-2000

Sightseeing- Museums

Arizona Theatre CompanyFind Hotels Near Arizona Theatre Company

400 E. Van Buren St., Suite 720 (administrative office at Arizona Center)

.7 miles

Phone: Phone 602-256-6899 or 602-256-6995 (box office)

Performing Arts- Theater

ASU GammageFind Hotels Near ASU Gammage

1200 S. Forest Ave.

8.6 miles

Phone: Phone 480-965-3434

Performing Arts- Venues

Ballet ArizonaFind Hotels Near Ballet Arizona

225 E. Adams St.

.9 miles

Phone: Phone 602-381-0184 or 602-381-1096 (box office)

Performing Arts- Dance

Bentley Gallery at Bentley ProjectsFind Hotels Near Bentley Gallery at Bentley Projects

215 E. Grant St.

Phone: Phone 480-946-6060

Shopping- Galleries

Biltmore Fashion ParkFind Hotels Near Biltmore Fashion Park

2502 E. Camelback Road

5.3 miles

Phone: Phone 602-955-8400

Shopping- Shopping Areas

Bookmans Entertainment ExchangeFind Hotels Near Bookmans Entertainment Exchange

8034 N. 19th Ave.

7.4 miles

Phone: Phone 602-433-0255

Shopping- Bookstores

Brass ArmadilloFind Hotels Near Brass Armadillo

12419 N. 28th Drive

Phone: Phone 602-942-0030

Shopping- Antique Stores

Camelback MountainFind Hotels Near Camelback Mountain

5700 N. Echo Canyon Parkway

8.1 miles

Phone: Phone 602-261-8318

Recreation- Hiking & Walking

Carnival of illusionFind Hotels Near Carnival of illusion

2400 E. Missouri Ave.

Phone: Phone 520-615-5299

Nightlife- Other Options

Celebrity TheatreFind Hotels Near Celebrity Theatre

440 N. 32nd St.

4 miles

Phone: Phone 602-267-1600

Performing Arts- Venues

Center Dance EnsembleFind Hotels Near Center Dance Ensemble

222 E. Monroe St.

Phone: Phone 602-252-8497

Performing Arts- Dance

Char's Has the BluesFind Hotels Near Char's Has the Blues

4631 N. Seventh Ave.

4 miles

Phone: Phone 602-230-0205

Nightlife- Live Music

Children's Museum of PhoenixFind Hotels Near Children's Museum of Phoenix

215 N. Seventh St.

1 miles

Phone: Phone 602-253-0501

Sightseeing- Museums

Comerica TheatreFind Hotels Near Comerica Theatre

400 W. Washington St.

.2 miles

Phone: Phone 602-379-2800

Performing Arts- Venues

Cornelia ParkFind Hotels Near Cornelia Park

2502 E. Camelback Road, Suite 185 (in Biltmore Fashion Park)

5.4 miles

Phone: Phone 602-955-3195

Shopping- Specialty Stores

CrudoFind Hotels Near Crudo

3603 E. Indian School Road (behind the Gaslight Square Shopping Center)

Phone: Phone 602-358-8666

Nightlife- Bars, Taverns & Pubs

Deer Valley Rock Art CenterFind Hotels Near Deer Valley Rock Art Center

3711 W. Deer Valley Road

16.6 miles

Phone: Phone 623-582-8007

Sightseeing- Religious Sites

Desert Botanical GardenFind Hotels Near Desert Botanical Garden

1201 N. Galvin Parkway (in Papago Park)

7.9 miles

Phone: Phone 480-941-1225

Sightseeing- Parks & Gardens

Encanto ParkFind Hotels Near Encanto Park

2605 N. 15th Ave. (at Encanto Boulevard)

2.1 miles

Phone: Phone 602-261-8991

Sightseeing- Parks & Gardens

Heard MuseumFind Hotels Near Heard Museum

2301 N. Central Ave.

1.7 miles

Phone: Phone 602-252-8848

Sightseeing- Museums

Heard Museum ShopFind Hotels Near Heard Museum Shop

2301 N. Central Ave. (in the Heard Museum)

1.8 miles

Phone: Phone 602-252-8840

Shopping- Specialty Stores

Herberger Theater CenterFind Hotels Near Herberger Theater Center

222 E. Monroe St.

.7 miles

Phone: Phone 602-252-8497 or 602-258-9481 (box office)

Performing Arts- Venues

Heritage SquareFind Hotels Near Heritage Square

115 N. Sixth St.

1.1 miles

Phone: Phone 602-262-5071 or 602-262-5029 for recorded information

Sightseeing- Neighborhoods & Districts

Hot Air ExpeditionsFind Hotels Near Hot Air Expeditions

702 W. Deer Valley Road

16.2 miles

Phone: Phone 480-502-6999. Toll-free 800-831-7610

Itinerary- Local Tours

Hub ClothingFind Hotels Near Hub Clothing

5213 N. Central Ave.

Phone: Phone 602-277-4822

Shopping- Specialty Stores

MercBarFind Hotels Near MercBar

2525 Camelback Road (in the Camelback Esplanade)

4.6 miles

Phone: Phone 602-508-9449

Nightlife- Bars, Taverns & Pubs

Mesa Grande Cultural ParkFind Hotels Near Mesa Grande Cultural Park

1000 Date St. (at 10th Street)

Phone: Phone 480-644-3075

Sightseeing- Historic Sites

Modified ArtsFind Hotels Near Modified Arts

407 E. Roosevelt St.

1.1 miles

Phone: Phone 602-462-5516

Shopping- Galleries

Musical Instrument MuseumFind Hotels Near Musical Instrument Museum

4725 E. Mayo Blvd.

Phone: Phone 480-478-6000

Sightseeing- Museums

Orpheum TheaterFind Hotels Near Orpheum Theater

203 W. Adams St.

.3 miles

Phone: Phone 602-262-7272

Performing Arts- Venues

Outlets at AnthemFind Hotels Near Outlets at Anthem

4250 W. Anthem Way

29.5 miles

Phone: Phone 623-465-9500

Shopping- Factory Outlets

Papago Golf CourseFind Hotels Near Papago Golf Course

5595 E. Moreland St.

7 miles

Phone: Phone 602-275-8428

Recreation- Golf

Papago ParkFind Hotels Near Papago Park

625 N. Galvin Parkway

8 miles

Phone: Phone 602-495-5458

Recreation- Hiking & Walking

Phoenix Art MuseumFind Hotels Near Phoenix Art Museum

1625 N. Central Ave. (at McDowell Road)

1.4 miles

Phone: Phone 602-257-1880 or 602-257-1222 for recorded information

Sightseeing- Museums

Phoenix MercuryFind Hotels Near Phoenix Mercury

201 E. Jefferson St.

.7 miles

Phone: Phone 602-252-9622 for tickets

Spectator Sports- Basketball

Phoenix SunsFind Hotels Near Phoenix Suns

201 E. Jefferson St.

.7 miles

Phone: Phone 602-379-7867 for tickets

Spectator Sports- Basketball

Phoenix SymphonyFind Hotels Near Phoenix Symphony

75 N. Second St.

.6 miles

Phone: Phone 602-495-1999 (box office). Toll-free 800-776-9080

Performing Arts- Music

Phoenix TheatreFind Hotels Near Phoenix Theatre

100 E. McDowell Road

1.4 miles

Phone: Phone 602-254-2151

Performing Arts- Venues

Phoenix ZooFind Hotels Near Phoenix Zoo

455 N. Galvin Parkway (in Papago Park)

7.3 miles

Phone: Phone 602-273-1341

Sightseeing- Zoos & Wildlife

Piestewa Peak and Dreamy Draw Recreation AreaFind Hotels Near Piestewa Peak and Dreamy Draw Recreation Area

2421 E. Northern Ave. (at 24th Street and Lincoln Drive)

9 miles

Phone: Phone 602-262-8318

Recreation- Hiking & Walking

Pioneer Arizona Living History VillageFind Hotels Near Pioneer Arizona Living History Village

3901 W. Pioneer Road

25.8 miles

Phone: Phone 623-465-1052

Sightseeing- Museums

Pointe Golf Club at Lookout MountainFind Hotels Near Pointe Golf Club at Lookout Mountain

11111 N. Seventh St. (Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort)

10.2 miles

Phone: Phone 602-866-6356

Recreation- Golf

Ponderosa StablesFind Hotels Near Ponderosa Stables

10215 S. Central Ave.

6.5 miles

Phone: Phone 602-268-1261

Recreation- Horseback Riding

Pueblo Grande Museum and Archaeological ParkFind Hotels Near Pueblo Grande Museum and Archaeological Park

4619 E. Washington St.

5.8 miles

Phone: Phone 602-495-0900 or 602-495-0901 for recorded information

Sightseeing- Historic Sites

Raven Golf Club PhoenixFind Hotels Near Raven Golf Club Phoenix

3636 E. Baseline Road

6.4 miles

Phone: Phone 602-243-3636

Recreation- Golf

Revive Spa at JW Marriott Desert RidgeFind Hotels Near Revive Spa at JW Marriott Desert Ridge

5350 E. Marriott Drive

17.5 miles

Phone: Phone 480-293-3700

Recreation- Spas and Health Clubs

Rhythm RoomFind Hotels Near Rhythm Room

1019 E. Indian School Road

3.5 miles

Phone: Phone 602-265-4842

Nightlife- Live Music

South Mountain ParkFind Hotels Near South Mountain Park

10919 S. Central Ave. (about 7 mi/10 km south of downtown)

6.6 miles

Phone: Phone 602-262-7393

Recreation- Hiking & Walking

Stand Up LiveFind Hotels Near Stand Up Live

50 W. Jefferson St.

.4 miles

Phone: Phone 480-719-6100 (box office)

Nightlife- Comedy Clubs

StinkweedsFind Hotels Near Stinkweeds

12 W. Camelback Road

Phone: Phone 602-248-9461

Shopping- Specialty Stores

Taste It ToursFind Hotels Near Taste It Tours

114 W. Adams St., Suite C109

.6 miles

Phone: Phone 480-274-3569. Toll-free 866-577-3552

Itinerary- Local Tours

True Art JewelersFind Hotels Near True Art Jewelers

5032 N. Central Ave.

4.3 miles

Phone: Phone 602-265-6815

Shopping- Specialty Stores

The Trunk SpaceFind Hotels Near The Trunk Space

1506 Grand Ave.

Phone: Phone 602-256-6006

Nightlife- Live Music

US Airways CenterFind Hotels Near US Airways Center

201 E. Jefferson St.

.7 miles

Phone: Phone 602-379-7800

Performing Arts- Venues

Valley Youth TheatreFind Hotels Near Valley Youth Theatre

525 N. First St.

.7 miles

Phone: Phone 602-253-8188

Performing Arts- Theater

Wrigley MansionFind Hotels Near Wrigley Mansion

2501 E. Telawa Trail

Phone: Phone 602-955-4079

Sightseeing- Historic Sites