Quebec Attractions

Aquarium du QuebecFind Hotels Near Aquarium du Quebec

1675 Ave. des Hotels

5.3 miles

Phone: Phone 418-659-5264. Toll-free 800-665-6527

Sightseeing- Zoos & Wildlife

ArchambaultFind Hotels Near Archambault

1095 Rue St. Jean, Haute Ville

Phone: Phone 418-694-2088

Shopping- Specialty Stores

Bar Jazz at Hotel ClarendonFind Hotels Near Bar Jazz at Hotel Clarendon

57 Rue Ste. Anne

Phone: Phone 418-692-2480. Toll-free 888-222-3304

Nightlife- Live Music

Bar le Maurice et Charlotte Ultra LoungeFind Hotels Near Bar le Maurice et Charlotte Ultra Lounge

575 Grande Allee E., Haute Ville

Phone: Phone 418-647-2000

Nightlife- Dance & Nightclubs

Basilique Cathedrale Notre Dame de QuebecFind Hotels Near Basilique Cathedrale Notre Dame de Quebec

16 Rue de Buade, Haute Ville

.6 miles

Phone: Phone 418-692-2533

Sightseeing- Historic Sites

BeaugarteFind Hotels Near Beaugarte

2600 Blvd. Laurier (about 4 mi/6 km southwest of Vieux Quebec)

Phone: Phone 418-659-2442

Nightlife- Dance & Nightclubs

Benjo Toy StoreFind Hotels Near Benjo Toy Store

550 Blvd. Charest E.

Phone: Phone 418-640-0001

Shopping- Specialty Stores

Blaxton Pub & GrillFind Hotels Near Blaxton Pub & Grill

1179 Ave. Cartier, Haute Ville

Phone: Phone 418-522-9955

Nightlife- Dance & Nightclubs

Boutique de Noel de QuebecFind Hotels Near Boutique de Noel de Quebec

47 Rue de Buade, Haute Ville

Phone: Phone 418-692-2457

Shopping- Specialty Stores

Caleches du Vieux QuebecFind Hotels Near Caleches du Vieux Quebec

2575 Lahaye St.

Phone: Phone 418-683-9222

Itinerary- Local Tours

Chateau FrontenacFind Hotels Near Chateau Frontenac

1 Rue des Carrieres, Haute Ville

.6 miles

Phone: Phone 418-692-3861. Toll-free 866-540-4460

Sightseeing- Historic Sites

La CitadelleFind Hotels Near La Citadelle

1 Cote de la Citadelle (east of Parc des Champs de Bataille, Haute Ville)

.5 miles

Phone: Phone 418-694-2815

Sightseeing- Historic Sites

Colline ParlementaireFind Hotels Near Colline Parlementaire

Avenue Honore-Mercier and Grande Allee Est, Haute Ville

68.9 miles

Phone: Phone 418-643-7239. Toll-free 866-337-8837

Sightseeing- Historic Sites

Cyclo ServicesFind Hotels Near Cyclo Services

289 Rue St. Paul, Basse Ville

Phone: Phone 418-692-4052. Toll-free 877-692-4050

Recreation- Bicycling

DagobertFind Hotels Near Dagobert

600 Grande Allee E., Haute Ville

Phone: Phone 418-522-0393

Nightlife- Dance & Nightclubs

EcolocycloFind Hotels Near Ecolocyclo

160 Quai St. Andre

Phone: Phone 418-692-2517 ext. 301

Recreation- Bicycling

La FudgerieFind Hotels Near La Fudgerie

717 Blvd. Louis XIV, Basse Ville

Phone: Phone 418-622-9595

Shopping- Specialty Stores

Funiculaire du Vieux QuebecFind Hotels Near Funiculaire du Vieux Quebec

16 Rue Petit Champlain, Basse Ville

.7 miles

Phone: Phone 418-692-1132

Sightseeing- Historic Sites

Galerie Art Inuit Brousseau et BrousseauFind Hotels Near Galerie Art Inuit Brousseau et Brousseau

35 Rue St. Louis, Vieux Quebec

.6 miles

Phone: Phone 418-694-1828

Shopping- Galleries

Galerie d'Art RoyaleFind Hotels Near Galerie d'Art Royale

53 Rue St. Pierre, Basse Ville

Phone: Phone 418-692-2244. Toll-free 877-694-2244

Shopping- Galleries

Gerard Bourget AntiquaireFind Hotels Near Gerard Bourget Antiquaire

97 Rue St. Paul, Basse Ville

Phone: Phone 418-694-0896

Shopping- Antique Stores

Ghost Walk of QuebecFind Hotels Near Ghost Walk of Quebec


Phone: Phone 418-692-9770

Itinerary- Local Tours

Grande AlleeFind Hotels Near Grande Allee


Sightseeing- Neighborhoods & Districts

Grand Theatre du QuebecFind Hotels Near Grand Theatre du Quebec

269 Blvd. Rene Levesque E.

.8 miles

Phone: Phone 418-643-8131. Toll-free 877-643-8131

Performing Arts- Venues

Hotel-Musee Premieres NationsFind Hotels Near Hotel-Musee Premieres Nations

15 Place de la Rencontre (about 25 minutes from the center of town on the grounds of the Huron-Wendat First Nation)

Phone: Phone 418-847-2260. Toll-free 866-551-9222

Sightseeing- Museums

Imperial de QuebecFind Hotels Near Imperial de Quebec

252 St. Joseph E.

Phone: Phone 418-523-3131. Toll-free 877-523-3131

Performing Arts- Venues

InfinimaFind Hotels Near Infinima

2972 Chemin Ste. Foy (about a 10-minute drive southwest of downtown)

Phone: Phone 418-651-0001. Toll-free 855-651-0001

Recreation- Spas and Health Clubs

Le BoudoirFind Hotels Near Le Boudoir

441 Rue du Parvis

Phone: Phone 418-524-2777

Nightlife- Dance & Nightclubs

Le CercleFind Hotels Near Le Cercle

228 and 226 1/2 St Joseph E.

Phone: Phone 418-948-8648

Nightlife- Live Music

Le Moulin a ImagesFind Hotels Near Le Moulin a Images

Quai St. Andre

Sightseeing- Other Options

Le Pub St. AlexandreFind Hotels Near Le Pub St. Alexandre

1087 Rue St.-Jean

Phone: Phone 418-694-0015

Nightlife- Bars, Taverns & Pubs

Les Capitales de QuebecFind Hotels Near Les Capitales de Quebec

100 Rue du Cardinal Maurice Roy

Phone: Phone 418-521-2255. Toll-free 877-521-2244

Spectator Sports- Baseball

Les Chemins InvisiblesFind Hotels Near Les Chemins Invisibles

Ilot Fleurie, Saint Roch (under the Dufferin-Montmorency Highway)

Sightseeing- Other Options

Les RempartsFind Hotels Near Les Remparts

Colisee Pepsi, 250 W. Blvd. Wilfrid-Hamel

1.8 miles

Phone: Phone 418-525-1212. Toll-free 888-299-9595

Spectator Sports- Hockey

Les Tours du Vieux-QuebecFind Hotels Near Les Tours du Vieux-Quebec

2715 Louis-XIV Blvd.


Phone: Phone 418-664-0460. Toll-free 800-267-8687

Itinerary- Local Tours

Le Theatre CapitoleFind Hotels Near Le Theatre Capitole

972 Rue St. Jean

Phone: Phone 418-694-4444. Toll-free 800-261-9903

Performing Arts- Venues

Librairie la Maison AnglaiseFind Hotels Near Librairie la Maison Anglaise

2600 Boul Laurier Place de la Cite

3.9 miles

Phone: Phone 418-654-9523. Toll-free 800-228-5818

Shopping- Bookstores

Lieu Historique Nationale de Cartier-BrebeufFind Hotels Near Lieu Historique Nationale de Cartier-Brebeuf

175 Rue de l'Espinay

1.3 miles

Phone: Phone 418-648-7016. Toll-free 888-773-8888

Sightseeing- Parks & Gardens

Maison Jean-Alfred MoisanFind Hotels Near Maison Jean-Alfred Moisan

699 Rue St. Jean, Haute Ville

.1 miles

Phone: Phone 418-522-0685

Shopping- Specialty Stores

Marche du Vieux PortFind Hotels Near Marche du Vieux Port

160 Quai St. Andre, Basse Ville

Phone: Phone 418-692-2517

Shopping- Markets

Mega-ParcFind Hotels Near Mega-Parc

5401 Blvd. des Galeries

3.8 miles

Phone: Phone 418-627-5800

Sightseeing- Amusement Parks

Musee de la CivilisationFind Hotels Near Musee de la Civilisation

85 Rue Dalhousie, Basse Ville

.8 miles

Phone: Phone 418-643-2158. Toll-free 866-710-8031

Sightseeing- Museums

Musee des Ursulines de QuebecFind Hotels Near Musee des Ursulines de Quebec

12 Donnaconna, Haute Ville

Phone: Phone 418-694-0694

Sightseeing- Museums

Musee du FortFind Hotels Near Musee du Fort

10 Rue Ste. Anne

.7 miles

Phone: Phone 418-692-2175

Sightseeing- Museums

Musee National des Beaux-Arts du QuebecFind Hotels Near Musee National des Beaux-Arts du Quebec

Parc des Champs de Bataille, Haute Ville

.9 miles

Phone: Phone 418-643-2150. Toll-free 866-220-2150

Sightseeing- Museums

Observatoire de la CapitaleFind Hotels Near Observatoire de la Capitale

Edifice Marie Guyart, 1037 Rue de la Chevrotiere, 31st Floor

.3 miles

Phone: Phone 418-644-9841. Toll-free 888-497-4322

Sightseeing- Historic Sites

Palais MontcalmFind Hotels Near Palais Montcalm

995 Place d'Youville, Haute Ville

Phone: Phone 418-641-6040. Toll-free 877-641-6040

Performing Arts- Venues

Parc de l'ArtillerieFind Hotels Near Parc de l'Artillerie

2 Rue d'Auteuil, Haute Ville

.3 miles

Phone: Phone 418-648-7016. Toll-free 888-773-8888

Sightseeing- Parks & Gardens

Parc des Champs de BatailleFind Hotels Near Parc des Champs de Bataille

835 Ave. Wilfrid-Laurier, Haute Ville (next to the Drill Hall)

1 miles

Phone: Phone 418-648-4071

Sightseeing- Parks & Gardens

Petit-ChamplainFind Hotels Near Petit-Champlain


Sightseeing- Neighborhoods & Districts

La Petite Cabane a SucreFind Hotels Near La Petite Cabane a Sucre

94 Rue Petit-Champlain, Basse Ville

Phone: Phone 418-692-5875

Shopping- Specialty Stores

Place RoyaleFind Hotels Near Place Royale

27 Rue Notre Dame, Basse Ville

.8 miles

Phone: Phone 418-646-3167. Toll-free 866-710-8031

Sightseeing- Historic Sites

Place Sainte-FoyFind Hotels Near Place Sainte-Foy

2450 Blvd. Laurier

3.9 miles

Phone: Phone 418-653-4184

Shopping- Shopping Areas

Point d'Exclamation!Find Hotels Near Point d'Exclamation!

762 Rue St. Jean

.1 miles

Shopping- Specialty Stores

Pub GalwayFind Hotels Near Pub Galway

1112 Ave. Cartier, Haute Ville

Phone: Phone 418-522-5282

Nightlife- Bars, Taverns & Pubs

Pub St. PatrickFind Hotels Near Pub St. Patrick

1200 Rue St. Jean, Haute Ville

Phone: Phone 418-694-0618

Nightlife- Bars, Taverns & Pubs

Quartier Petit ChamplainFind Hotels Near Quartier Petit Champlain

61 Rue du Petit-Champlain, Basse Ville

Phone: Phone 418-692-2613. Toll-free 877-692-2613

Shopping- Shopping Areas

Reseau Billetech/AdmissionFind Hotels Near Reseau Billetech/Admission

269 Blvd. Rene Levesque, Haute Ville

.8 miles

Phone: Phone 418-691-7211 for Billetech. Toll-free 855-790-1245

Performing Arts- Ticket Brokers

SimonsFind Hotels Near Simons

20 Cote de la Fabrique, Vieux Quebec

.6 miles

Phone: Phone 418-692-3630

Shopping- Department Stores

Saint RochFind Hotels Near Saint Roch


Sightseeing- Neighborhoods & Districts

Theatre PeriscopeFind Hotels Near Theatre Periscope

2 Rue Cremazie E.

.6 miles

Phone: Phone 418-529-2183

Performing Arts- Theater

Theatre Petit-ChamplainFind Hotels Near Theatre Petit-Champlain

68 Rue du Petit Champlain, Basse Ville

Phone: Phone 418-692-2631

Performing Arts- Venues

Valcartier Vacation VillageFind Hotels Near Valcartier Vacation Village

1860 Valcartier Blvd. (about 20 minutes north of the city)

Phone: Phone 418-844-2200. Toll-free 888-384-5524

Sightseeing- Amusement Parks

Vert TuyauFind Hotels Near Vert Tuyau

46 Rue de Petit-Champlain

Phone: Phone 418-692-1111

Shopping- Specialty Stores

Voir QuebecFind Hotels Near Voir Quebec

12 Rue Ste.-Anne

.6 miles

Phone: Phone 418-694-2001. Toll-free 866-694-2001

Itinerary- Local Tours