Reykjavik Attractions

AlthingFind Hotels Near Althing

Austurvollur Square

Phone: Phone 354-563-0631

Sightseeing- Historic Sites

Arbaer Folk MuseumFind Hotels Near Arbaer Folk Museum


Phone: Phone 354-411-6300

Sightseeing- Museums

Arni Magnusson InstituteFind Hotels Near Arni Magnusson Institute

Suburgata Melar

Phone: Phone 354-525-4010

Sightseeing- Museums

b5 Bar-BistroFind Hotels Near b5 Bar-Bistro

Bankastraeti (city center)

Phone: Phone 552-9600

Nightlife- Bars, Taverns & Pubs

BostonFind Hotels Near Boston

Lajugavegur 28B

Nightlife- Bars, Taverns & Pubs

City HallFind Hotels Near City Hall

Tjarnargata 11

Sightseeing- Historic Sites

EymundssonFind Hotels Near Eymundsson


Phone: Phone 540-2000

Shopping- Bookstores

Family Fun Park and ZooFind Hotels Near Family Fun Park and Zoo


Phone: Phone 354-575-7800

Sightseeing- Zoos & Wildlife

HallgrimskirkjaFind Hotels Near Hallgrimskirkja

Eriksgata (Miobaer)

Phone: Phone 663-8300

Sightseeing- Historic Sites

Iceland TravelFind Hotels Near Iceland Travel

Skutuvogur 13A

Phone: Phone 354-585-4300

Itinerary- Local Tours

KaffibarinnFind Hotels Near Kaffibarinn


Phone: Phone 551-1588

Nightlife- Bars, Taverns & Pubs

KjarvallsstaeirFind Hotels Near Kjarvallsstaeir

Flokagata 105

Phone: Phone 354-517-1290

Sightseeing- Museums

NASAFind Hotels Near NASA


Phone: Phone 511-1313

Nightlife- Dance & Nightclubs

National Gallery of IcelandFind Hotels Near National Gallery of Iceland

Frikirkjuvegur 7

Phone: Phone 354-515-9600

Sightseeing- Museums

National Museum of IcelandFind Hotels Near National Museum of Iceland

Suourgotu 41

Phone: Phone 530-2200

Sightseeing- Museums

National Theater of IcelandFind Hotels Near National Theater of Iceland

Hverfisgata 19

Phone: Phone 354-585-1200

Performing Arts- Theater

Nordic HouseFind Hotels Near Nordic House

Sturlugata 5

Phone: Phone 354-551-7030

Sightseeing- Museums

The PearlFind Hotels Near The Pearl

Oskjuhlio Hill

Phone: Phone 354-562-0200

Sightseeing- Historic Sites

Reykjavik ExcursionsFind Hotels Near Reykjavik Excursions

BSI Bus Terminal

Phone: Phone 580-5400

Itinerary- Local Tours

Reykjavik Photography MuseumFind Hotels Near Reykjavik Photography Museum

Tryggvagata 15 (6th floor)

Phone: Phone 354-563-1790

Sightseeing- Museums

Saga MuseumFind Hotels Near Saga Museum

Oskjuhlid Hill

Phone: Phone 354-511-1517

Sightseeing- Museums

ThorvaldsenFind Hotels Near Thorvaldsen


Nightlife- Bars, Taverns & Pubs

TjorninFind Hotels Near Tjornin

Sightseeing- Parks & Gardens