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  • Cottage Club Lane 1, Windwardside, Saba
    Phone: 41-62386
    Cottage Hotel consisting of 10 gingerbread cottages clustered on ridge overlooking English Quarter village....
    Superior Tourist Class
    Commission: 10%
    10 Rooms
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  • The Bottom, Saba
    Phone: 41-63203
    Modest 19th-century Guest House, located in town, within walking distance of Ladder Bay....
    Tourist Class
    Commission: 10%
    5 Rooms
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  • Booby Hill PO Box 542, Windwardside, Saba
    Phone: 416-2265
    This 8 room property, renovated in 2010......
    Commission: 10%
    8 Rooms
    $50-$105 (USD)
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  • Troy Hill Dr No 1 The Bottom, Saba, Saba
    Phone: 41-63495
  • Hillside near Booby Hill, Windwardside, Saba
    Phone: 41-62269
    Gingerbread-trimmed Apartment-style Hotel located 1/4 mile from town & 3 miles from airport....
    First Class
    Commission: 10%
    12 Rooms
    $95-$135 (USD)
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  • Troy Hill Drive 1, Saba, Saba
    Phone: 41-63494
  • Troy Hill Drive 1, The Bottom, Saba
    Phone: 416-3494
    Contemporary Saban-style condominium Hotel situated amidst mango trees , 1200 feet asl....
    Superior First Class
    Commission: 15%
    12 Rooms
    $200-$375 (USD)
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  • Saba Island PO Box 543, Windwardside, Saba
    Phone: 416-2740
    Casual Inn with a reputation for having the best food on the island....
    Superior Tourist Class
    Commission: 10%
    15 Rooms
    $90-$150 (USD)
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  • Booby Hill, Windwardside, Saba
    Phone: 416-2498
    White-stucco, red-roofed hotel set alongside cliff with view of Atlantic Ocean , Caribbean Sea and 5 neighboring islands....
    First Class
    Commission: 10%
    7 Rooms
    $175-$275 (USD)
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