Sedona Attractions

Absolute BikesFind Hotels Near Absolute Bikes

6101 Highway 179, Suite C (Village of Oak Creek)

5.4 miles

Phone: Phone 928-284-1242

Recreation- Bicycling

A Day in the WestFind Hotels Near A Day in the West

252 N. Highway 89A

Phone: Phone 928-282-4320. Toll-free 800-973-3662

Recreation- Horseback Riding

Airport MesaFind Hotels Near Airport Mesa

235 Airport Road (off Highway 89A, west of The Y)

1.6 miles

Sightseeing- Religious Sites

Amitabha Stupa and Peace ParkFind Hotels Near Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park

2650 Pueblo Drive (from Arizona 89A, go north on Andante Drive and turn left on Pueblo Drive; park outside the gate)

1.6 miles

Phone: Toll-free 877-788-7229

Sightseeing- Religious Sites

Arizona ATV AdventuresFind Hotels Near Arizona ATV Adventures

1185 W. Highway 89A

1.6 miles

Phone: Phone 928-284-4621. Toll-free 800-242-6335

Itinerary- Local Tours

The Art of WineFind Hotels Near The Art of Wine

101 N. Highway 89A Suite B9 (Uptown)

Phone: Phone 928-203-9463. Toll-free 877-903-9463

Shopping- Specialty Stores

Chamber Music SedonaFind Hotels Near Chamber Music Sedona

1487 W. State Route 89A

Phone: Phone 928-204-2415

Performing Arts- Music

Chapel of the Holy CrossFind Hotels Near Chapel of the Holy Cross

780 Chapel Road (off Highway 179)

Phone: Phone 928-282-7545 ext. 15. Toll-free 888-242-7359

Sightseeing- Religious Sites

The Club at Seven CanyonsFind Hotels Near The Club at Seven Canyons

755 Golf Club Way

Phone: Phone 928-203-2001

Recreation- Golf

Crystal MagicFind Hotels Near Crystal Magic

2978 W. Highway 89A

Shopping- Specialty Stores

Earth Wisdom Jeep ToursFind Hotels Near Earth Wisdom Jeep Tours

293 N. State Route 89A

Phone: Phone 928-282-4714. Toll-free 800-482-4714

Itinerary- Local Tours

Evening Sky ToursFind Hotels Near Evening Sky Tours

Phone: Phone 928-853-9778

Itinerary- Local Tours

Exposures International GalleryFind Hotels Near Exposures International Gallery

561 Highway 179 (Hozho District, south of The Y)

Phone: Phone 928-282-1125. Toll-free 877-278-7483

Shopping- Galleries

The Fat TireFind Hotels Near The Fat Tire

325 Jordan Road

.4 miles

Phone: Phone 928-852-0014

Recreation- Bicycling

Full Moon SaloonFind Hotels Near Full Moon Saloon

7000 Highway 179, Tequa Marketplace

Phone: Phone 928-284-1872

Nightlife- Bars, Taverns & Pubs

Grasshopper PointFind Hotels Near Grasshopper Point

Highway 89A

Phone: Phone 928-203-2900. Water-quality hotline 602-542-0202

Recreation- Swimming

Hillside SedonaFind Hotels Near Hillside Sedona

671 Highway 179 (south of The Y)

Phone: Phone 928-282-4500

Shopping- Shopping Areas

Indulge GalleryFind Hotels Near Indulge Gallery

671 Highway 179, A-CT1 (inside the Hillside Sedona Shopping Center)

Phone: Phone 928-282-3130. Toll-free 866-374-3565

Shopping- Galleries

Joe Wilcox Western WearFind Hotels Near Joe Wilcox Western Wear

320 N. Highway 89A (Sinagua Plaza, Uptown)

Phone: Phone 928-282-2661. Toll-free 866-274-5008

Shopping- Specialty Stores

Kachina HouseFind Hotels Near Kachina House

2920 Hopi Drive

1.6 miles

Phone: Phone 928-204-9750. Toll-free 866-587-0547

Shopping- Specialty Stores

Kuivato Glass GalleryFind Hotels Near Kuivato Glass Gallery

336 Highway 179, Suite B125 (inside Tlaquepaque)

Phone: Phone 928-282-1212. Toll-free 800-282-4312

Shopping- Galleries

Mii AmoFind Hotels Near Mii Amo

525 Boynton Canyon Road

Phone: Phone 928-203-8500. Toll-free 888-749-2137 or 844-993-9518

Recreation- Spas and Health Clubs

Mother SachiFind Hotels Near Mother Sachi

251 Highway 179, Suite A3 (inside Creekside Plaza)

Phone: Phone 928-282-8508

Shopping- Specialty Stores

Namti Massage & BodyworkFind Hotels Near Namti Massage & Bodywork

2120 W. Highway 89A

Phone: Phone 928-282-7737

Recreation- Spas and Health Clubs

Northern Light Balloon ExpeditionsFind Hotels Near Northern Light Balloon Expeditions

Coconino National Forest

Phone: Phone 928-282-2274. Toll-free 800-230-6222

Recreation- Other Options

Oak Creek BreweryFind Hotels Near Oak Creek Brewery

2050 Yavapai Road (tucked behind Bashas' grocery store, off Coffee Pot Road)

1.6 miles

Phone: Phone 928-204-1300

Nightlife- Bars, Taverns & Pubs

Oakcreek Country ClubFind Hotels Near Oakcreek Country Club

690 Bell Rock Blvd. (Village of Oak Creek)

5.9 miles

Phone: Phone 928-284-1660. Toll-free 888-284-1660

Recreation- Golf

Olde Sedona Bar and GrillFind Hotels Near Olde Sedona Bar and Grill

1405 W. Highway 89A

1.6 miles

Phone: Phone 928-282-5670

Nightlife- Bars, Taverns & Pubs

Over the Edge SportsFind Hotels Near Over the Edge Sports

1695 W. State Route 89A

Phone: Phone 928-282-1106

Recreation- Bicycling

Palatki Heritage SiteFind Hotels Near Palatki Heritage Site

Phone: Phone 928-282-3854 for reservations

Sightseeing- Historic Sites

Pink Jeep ToursFind Hotels Near Pink Jeep Tours

204 N. State Route 89A

Phone: Phone 928-282-5000

Itinerary- Local Tours

Posse Grounds ParkFind Hotels Near Posse Grounds Park

525 Posse Grounds Road

1.6 miles

Phone: Phone 928-282-3113 or 928-282-7098 for shelter rentals

Sightseeing- Parks & Gardens

Red Rock State ParkFind Hotels Near Red Rock State Park

4050 Red Rock Loop Road

1.6 miles

Phone: Phone 928-282-6907

Sightseeing- Parks & Gardens

Sedona Community PoolFind Hotels Near Sedona Community Pool

570 Posse Grounds Road

Phone: Phone 928-282-0112

Recreation- Swimming

Sedona Golf ResortFind Hotels Near Sedona Golf Resort

35 Ridge Trail Drive (Village of Oak Creek)

Phone: Phone 928-284-9355. Toll-free 877-733-6630

Recreation- Golf

Sedona Heritage MuseumFind Hotels Near Sedona Heritage Museum

735 Jordan Road, Uptown

Phone: Phone 928-282-7038

Sightseeing- Museums

Sedona International Film FestivalFind Hotels Near Sedona International Film Festival

2030 W. State Route 89A, Suite A-3 (festival office)

Phone: Phone 928-282-1177

Performing Arts- Film

Sedona TrolleyFind Hotels Near Sedona Trolley

276 N. Highway 89A, Suite B (Uptown)

Phone: Phone 928-282-4211

Itinerary- Local Tours

Slide Rock State ParkFind Hotels Near Slide Rock State Park

6871 N. Highway 89A (7 mi/11 km north of Uptown Sedona)

Phone: Phone 928-282-3034

Recreation- Swimming

The Spa at the Sedona RougeFind Hotels Near The Spa at the Sedona Rouge

2250 W. State Route 89-A

Phone: Phone 928-203-4111. Toll-free 866-312-4111

Recreation- Spas and Health Clubs

Spoke and Wheel TavernFind Hotels Near Spoke and Wheel Tavern

160 Portal Lane (south of The Y on Highway 179, at Los Abrigados Resort)

Phone: Phone 928-282-1777

Nightlife- Bars, Taverns & Pubs

Tlaquepaque Arts & Craft VillageFind Hotels Near Tlaquepaque Arts & Craft Village

336 Highway 179 (south of The Y)

Phone: Phone 928-282-4838

Shopping- Shopping Areas

Touchstone GalleryFind Hotels Near Touchstone Gallery

320 N. State Route 89A, Suite 14 (Sinagua Plaza, Uptown)

Shopping- Galleries

Turquoise Tortoise GalleryFind Hotels Near Turquoise Tortoise Gallery

431 Highway 179, A3 (Hozho District, south of The Y)

Phone: Phone 928-282-2262

Shopping- Galleries

Uptown SedonaFind Hotels Near Uptown Sedona

Highway 89A (Uptown)

Phone: Phone 928-204-2390 (Main Street Association)

Shopping- Shopping Areas

West Fork of Oak CreekFind Hotels Near West Fork of Oak Creek

Highway 89A (9.5 mi/15 km north of town)

Phone: Phone 928-282-4119 or 928-203-7505

Recreation- Fishing

The WormFind Hotels Near The Worm

645 Highway 179, Suite C-1 (in the Village of Oak Creek)

Phone: Phone 928-282-3471

Shopping- Bookstores