Shanghai Attractions

The ApartmentFind Hotels Near The Apartment

47 Yongfu Road (Changshu Lu or Shanghai Library metro stations)

Phone: Phone 21-6437-9478

Nightlife- Bars, Taverns & Pubs

Art Labor GalleryFind Hotels Near Art Labor Gallery

570 Yongjia Road, Building 4, 411 (near Yueyang Road; Hengshan Road metro station)

Phone: Phone 3460-5331

Shopping- Galleries

Bird and Flower Market (Hua Niao Shichang)Find Hotels Near Bird and Flower Market (Hua Niao Shichang)

Xizang Road (across from the Dongtai Road Antiques Market, near People's Square or Xintiandi)

4.2 miles

Shopping- Markets

Casa PagodaFind Hotels Near Casa Pagoda

136 Taikang Road (near Sinan Road; Dapu Bridge metro station)

Phone: Phone 6466-8198

Shopping- Specialty Stores

Cashbox PartyworldFind Hotels Near Cashbox Partyworld

459 Wulumuqi N. Road

Nightlife- Other Options

Century ParkFind Hotels Near Century Park

Huamu Road at Fang Dian Road (corner of Fangdian Road; take line 2 from People's Square; Century Park metro station)

Phone: Phone 21-3876-0588

Sightseeing- Parks & Gardens

China Art MuseumFind Hotels Near China Art Museum

161 Nan Lu (Shanghai Pudong New Area)

1 miles

Phone: Phone 21-400-921-9021

Sightseeing- Museums

CITSFind Hotels Near CITS

CITS Building, 1277 Beijing W. Road, Suite 806

22.2 miles

Phone: Phone 6289-4047

Itinerary- Local Tours

Club JZFind Hotels Near Club JZ

46 Fuxing W. Road (near Yongfu Road; Changshu Road metro station)

2.8 miles

Phone: Phone 21-6431-0269

Nightlife- Live Music

Cotton ClubFind Hotels Near Cotton Club

1416 Huaihai Middle Road

.4 miles

Phone: Phone 21-6437-7110

Nightlife- Live Music

Cotton'sFind Hotels Near Cotton's

132 Anting Road (corner of Jianguo Road, Hengshan Road metro station)

3.2 miles

Phone: Phone 21-6433-7995

Nightlife- Bars, Taverns & Pubs

Dongtai Road Antiques Market (Liulichang)Find Hotels Near Dongtai Road Antiques Market (Liulichang)

Dongtai Road (at Liuhe Road, one block west of South Xizang Road, near People's Square or Xintiandi; Laoximen metro station)

31.6 miles

Shopping- Markets

Dr WineFind Hotels Near Dr Wine

177 Fumin Road (near Julu Lu, Jing'an District, Changshu Road metro station)

2.2 miles

Nightlife- Bars, Taverns & Pubs

EraFind Hotels Near Era

Shanghai Circus World, 2266 Gonghexin Road

3.4 miles

Phone: Phone 21-6652-5468

Performing Arts- Theater

Garden BooksFind Hotels Near Garden Books

325 Chang Le Road (near Shaanxi Road)

1.9 miles

Phone: Phone 5404-8728

Shopping- Bookstores

Glamour BarFind Hotels Near Glamour Bar

Five on the Bund, 5 Zhongshan No. 1 E. Road, Sixth Floor

1.1 miles

Phone: Phone 21-6329-3751

Nightlife- Bars, Taverns & Pubs

Hongkou Football StadiumFind Hotels Near Hongkou Football Stadium

444 E. Jiangwan Road

Spectator Sports- Soccer

House of Blues and JazzFind Hotels Near House of Blues and Jazz

60 Fuzhou Road (near the Bund)

Phone: Phone 21-6323-2779

Nightlife- Live Music

Hu & HuFind Hotels Near Hu & Hu

601-38 Qing Xi Lu (between Huai Yin and Hong Gu Roads)

6.9 miles

Phone: Phone 3431-1212

Shopping- Antique Stores

Huangpu River CruisesFind Hotels Near Huangpu River Cruises

239 Zhongshan Dong No. 2 Road (south end of the Bund)

.3 miles

Itinerary- Local Tours

IAPM MallFind Hotels Near IAPM Mall

L6-615, 999 Huaihai Middle Road (near Shanxi South Road, Xuhui district)

Shopping- Shopping Areas

Imperial ToursFind Hotels Near Imperial Tours

Phone: Toll-free 888-888-1970 in the U.S

Itinerary- Local Tours

Insider TourFind Hotels Near Insider Tour

88 Songshan Lu (near Taicang Lu)

Phone: Phone 21-1761-6975

Itinerary- Local Tours

Island 6Find Hotels Near Island 6

50 Moganshan Road, Building 6, Second Floor

Phone: Phone 6227-7856

Shopping- Galleries

Jade Buddha Temple (Yufo Si)Find Hotels Near Jade Buddha Temple (Yufo Si)

170 Anyuan Road (Changshou Road metro station)

2.3 miles

Phone: Phone 21-6266-3668

Sightseeing- Historic Sites

Jin Mao TowerFind Hotels Near Jin Mao Tower

88 Century Ave. (Lujiazui metro station)

1 miles

Phone: Phone 5047-5101 or 5047-6688

Sightseeing- Historic Sites

Long Museum West BundFind Hotels Near Long Museum West Bund

3398 Longteng Ave. (near Fenglin Road, Xuhui district, Longhua metro station)

Phone: Phone 21-6422-7636

Sightseeing- Museums

Luwan GymnasiumFind Hotels Near Luwan Gymnasium

128 Shaojiabang Lu (near Shanxi Lu and Ruijin Lu)

Spectator Sports- Basketball

M1NTFind Hotels Near M1NT

318 Fuzhou Road, 24th floor (near Shandong Middle Road, East Nanjing Road metro station)

Phone: Phone 6391-2811

Nightlife- Dance & Nightclubs

Madame Mao's DowryFind Hotels Near Madame Mao's Dowry

207 Fumin Road (near Julu Road, Xuhui district; Changshu Road metro station)

Shopping- Specialty Stores

Majestic TheaterFind Hotels Near Majestic Theater

66 Jiangning Road (near Fenxian Road; West Nanjing Road metro station)

1.7 miles

Performing Arts- Venues

Mao LivehouseFind Hotels Near Mao Livehouse

308 Chongqing South Road, third floor (near Jianguo Middle Road, Madang Road metro station)

Phone: Phone 6445-0086

Nightlife- Live Music

Mu GalleryFind Hotels Near Mu Gallery

3213 Hongmei Road, Flat C (Minhang district)

Phone: Phone 6405-1135

Shopping- Specialty Stores

MuralFind Hotels Near Mural

Basement No. 10 Hengshan Lu (near Yongjia Lu)

Phone: Phone 21-6433-5023

Nightlife- Dance & Nightclubs

Muse on the BundFind Hotels Near Muse on the Bund

Yi Feng Galleria, No. 99 Beijing Dong Lu, 5-F (near Yuanming Yuan Lu; Nanjing Road metro station)

Phone: Phone 21-5213-5228

Nightlife- Dance & Nightclubs

Nanjing RoadFind Hotels Near Nanjing Road

Sightseeing- Neighborhoods & Districts

Newman ToursFind Hotels Near Newman Tours

888 Xinzha Road, Building 148, Suite 503 (near Taixing Road; West Nanjing Road metro station)

Phone: Phone 138-1777-0229

Itinerary- Local Tours

Old China Hand Reading RoomFind Hotels Near Old China Hand Reading Room

27 Shaoxing Road (near Shaanxi Nan Lu, Jiashan Road metro station)

2.3 miles

Shopping- Bookstores

The Old CityFind Hotels Near The Old City

Sightseeing- Neighborhoods & Districts

Orden Bowling CenterFind Hotels Near Orden Bowling Center

10 Hengshan Lu (near Gaoan Lu, Xuhui District; Hengshan Lu metro station)

Recreation- Bowling

Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower (Dongfang Mingzhu)Find Hotels Near Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower (Dongfang Mingzhu)

1 Century Ave. (Lujiazui metro station)

.8 miles

Phone: Phone 21-5879-1888

Sightseeing- Historic Sites

ParksonFind Hotels Near Parkson

918 Huaihai Middle Road (corner of Shaanxi Road)

Phone: Phone 6415-8818

Shopping- Department Stores

People's ParkFind Hotels Near People's Park

75 W. Nanjing Road (near North Huangpi Road; People's Square metro station)

Sightseeing- Parks & Gardens

Plaza 66Find Hotels Near Plaza 66

1266 Nanjing W. Road

1.9 miles

Phone: Phone 2225-1800

Shopping- Shopping Areas

Power Station of ArtFind Hotels Near Power Station of Art

200 Huayuangang Road, Huangpu District (at Huayuangang Lu, Huangpu District; South Xizang Road metro station)

Phone: Phone 21-3110-8550

Sightseeing- Museums

The Propaganda Poster Art CenterFind Hotels Near The Propaganda Poster Art Center

868 Huashan Road, Room B-OC

Phone: Phone 21-6211-1845 or 1390-184-1246

Sightseeing- Museums

PudongFind Hotels Near Pudong

Sightseeing- Neighborhoods & Districts

Qizhong Forest Sports City Tennis CentreFind Hotels Near Qizhong Forest Sports City Tennis Centre

3028 Kunyang Bei Lu (near Yuanjiang Lu)

Spectator Sports- Other Options

Riverside PromenadeFind Hotels Near Riverside Promenade

Binjiang Avenue

2.9 miles

Sightseeing- Parks & Gardens

Rockbund Art MuseumFind Hotels Near Rockbund Art Museum

20 Huqiu Road

Phone: Phone 21-3310-9985

Sightseeing- Museums

Sasha'sFind Hotels Near Sasha's

11 Dongping Lu (corner of Hengshan Lu)

2.7 miles

Phone: Phone 21-6474-6628

Nightlife- Bars, Taverns & Pubs

Shanghai Art DecoFind Hotels Near Shanghai Art Deco

50 Moganshan Road, Building 7, Ground Floor

Phone: Phone 6277-8927

Shopping- Antique Stores

Shanghai Binhai Golf ClubFind Hotels Near Shanghai Binhai Golf Club

5333 East Highway (Pudong New Area)

Phone: Phone 3800-1888

Recreation- Golf

Shanghai Dramatic Arts CenterFind Hotels Near Shanghai Dramatic Arts Center

288 Anfu Road (near Wukang Road, Xuhui District)

2.9 miles

Phone: Phone 5465-6200 or 5465-6200 (tickets)

Performing Arts- Theater

Shanghai Foreign Language BookstoreFind Hotels Near Shanghai Foreign Language Bookstore

390 Fuzhou Road (near South Shangxi Road; East Nanjing Road metro station)

Phone: Phone 2320-4994

Shopping- Bookstores

Shanghai Grand TheatreFind Hotels Near Shanghai Grand Theatre

300 Renmin Lu

.8 miles

Phone: Phone 21-6386-8686

Performing Arts- Venues

Shanghai History MuseumFind Hotels Near Shanghai History Museum

1 Century Ave., Pudong

.8 miles

Phone: Phone 5879-3003

Sightseeing- Museums

Shanghai IFC MallFind Hotels Near Shanghai IFC Mall

8 Century Ave., LuJiaZui District, Pudong

Phone: Phone 2020-7000

Shopping- Shopping Areas

Shanghai Jewish Refugees MuseumFind Hotels Near Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum

62 Changyang Road (Dalian Road metro station)

2 miles

Phone: Phone 21-6512-6669

Sightseeing- Historic Sites

Shanghai MuseumFind Hotels Near Shanghai Museum

201 Renmin Ave. (People's Square metro station)

.8 miles

Phone: Phone 21-6372-3500 or 9696-8686

Sightseeing- Museums

Shanghai No. 1 Department StoreFind Hotels Near Shanghai No. 1 Department Store

830 Nanjing E. Road

.3 miles

Phone: Phone 6322-3344

Shopping- Department Stores

Shanghai Ocean AquariumFind Hotels Near Shanghai Ocean Aquarium

1388 Lujiazui Ring Road, Pudong

.9 miles

Phone: Phone 21-5877-9988

Sightseeing- Zoos & Wildlife

Shanghai Oriental Art CenterFind Hotels Near Shanghai Oriental Art Center

425 Dingxian Road (Shanghai Science and Technology Museum metro station)

Phone: Phone 21-6854-1234 or 8621-6854-1234

Performing Arts- Music

Shanghai Science and Technology MuseumFind Hotels Near Shanghai Science and Technology Museum

2000 Century Ave., Pudong

3.4 miles

Phone: Phone 21-6862-2000

Sightseeing- Museums

Shanghai Squash AssociationFind Hotels Near Shanghai Squash Association

Phone: Phone 1370-184-9343

Recreation- Tennis & Racquet Sports

Shanghai Stadium Sports CenterFind Hotels Near Shanghai Stadium Sports Center

1111 Caoxi Bei Lu (Shanghai Indoor Stadium metro station)

Phone: Phone 21-6426-5177

Recreation- Other Options

Shanghai Swimming PoolFind Hotels Near Shanghai Swimming Pool

1300 Zhongshan Nan Er Lu (Tianyaoqiao Lu, Xujiahui District)

Recreation- Swimming

Shanghai Symphony OrchestraFind Hotels Near Shanghai Symphony Orchestra

105 Hunan Lu (near Yongfu Lu, Xuhui District; Shanghai Library metro station)

Phone: Phone 21-2426-6162 or 6437-5617

Performing Arts- Music

Shanghai Times SquareFind Hotels Near Shanghai Times Square

99 Huaihai Middle Road

Phone: Phone 6391-0691

Shopping- Shopping Areas

Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition CentreFind Hotels Near Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Centre

100 Renmin Ave. (People's Square metro station)

.8 miles

Phone: Phone 21-6318-4477

Sightseeing- Museums

Shanghai World Financial CenterFind Hotels Near Shanghai World Financial Center

100 Century Ave. (Dong Chang Road or Lujiazu metro stations)

Phone: Phone 21-3867-2008

Sightseeing- Historic Sites

Shanghai ZooFind Hotels Near Shanghai Zoo

2381 Hongqiao Road (near Yingbinyi Road, Hongqiao district; Shanghai Zoo metro station)

Phone: Phone 21-6268-7775

Sightseeing- Zoos & Wildlife

ShanghARTFind Hotels Near ShanghART

50 Moganshan Road, Buildings 16 and 18

14.8 miles

Phone: Phone 6359-3923

Shopping- Galleries

The ShelterFind Hotels Near The Shelter

5 Yongfu Road (near Fuxing Road, Xuhui District; Changshu Road metro station)

Nightlife- Dance & Nightclubs

Sheshan International Golf ClubFind Hotels Near Sheshan International Golf Club

Lane 288 Linyin Road (near South Jiasong Road, Sheshan National Tourism Resort)

Phone: Phone 5779-8088

Recreation- Golf

Song Fang Maison de TheFind Hotels Near Song Fang Maison de The

227 Yongjia Lu (close to Shaanxi Nan Lu)

Phone: Phone 6433-8283

Shopping- Specialty Stores

South Bund Fabric MarketFind Hotels Near South Bund Fabric Market

399 Lujiabang Road, near Nanchang Road

.5 miles

Shopping- Markets

Sun Yat-sen's Former Residence (Sun Zhongshan Jinianguan)Find Hotels Near Sun Yat-sen's Former Residence (Sun Zhongshan Jinianguan)

7 Xiangshan Road (South Shaanxi Road metro station)

Phone: Phone 21-5306-3361

Sightseeing- Historic Sites

Untour ShanghaiFind Hotels Near Untour Shanghai

Phone: Phone 186-1650-4269

Itinerary- Local Tours

VueFind Hotels Near Vue

199 Huang Pu Road (Hyatt on the Bund; East Nanjing Road metro station)

Phone: Phone 21-6393-1234, ext. 6348

Nightlife- Bars, Taverns & Pubs

XintiandiFind Hotels Near Xintiandi

Sightseeing- Neighborhoods & Districts

XuhuiFind Hotels Near Xuhui

Sightseeing- Neighborhoods & Districts

Y+ YogaFind Hotels Near Y+ Yoga

299 Fuxing W. Road

Phone: Phone 21-6433-4330

Recreation- Other Options

Yifu TheaterFind Hotels Near Yifu Theater

701 Fuzhou Road

.4 miles

Phone: Phone 21-6351-4668

Performing Arts- Opera

Yu GardensFind Hotels Near Yu Gardens

257 Yuyuan Road (Yuyuan metro station)

Phone: Phone 21-6373-6950

Sightseeing- Parks & Gardens

Yuz MuseumFind Hotels Near Yuz Museum

35 Fenggu Road (near Longteng Avenue, Longhua metro station)

Phone: Phone 21-6210-5207

Sightseeing- Museums