Siem Reap Attractions

Angkor Center for Conservation of BiodiversityFind Hotels Near Angkor Center for Conservation of Biodiversity

Kbal Spean (just over 32 mi/50 km from Siem Reap)

Phone: Phone 99-604-017

Sightseeing- Nature

Angkor Fight ClubFind Hotels Near Angkor Fight Club

Bakheng Road, Taphul Village

Phone: Phone 95-839-725

Recreation- Spas and Health Clubs

Angkor Golf ResortFind Hotels Near Angkor Golf Resort

Kasekam Village, Sra Nga Commune

Phone: Phone 63-767-688

Recreation- Golf

Angkor National MuseumFind Hotels Near Angkor National Museum

No. 968, Vithei Charles de Gaulle, Phoum Salakanseng, Khom Svaydangum

Phone: Phone 63-966-601

Sightseeing- Museums

Angkor Night MarketFind Hotels Near Angkor Night Market

Stung Thmey Village

Phone: Phone 69-835-835

Shopping- Markets

Angkor Thom

3 miles

Sightseeing- Historic Sites

Angkor Wat

3 miles

Sightseeing- Historic Sites

Angkor What?Find Hotels Near Angkor What?

Pub Street

Nightlife- Bars, Taverns & Pubs

Artisans AngkorFind Hotels Near Artisans Angkor

Stung Thmey Street

Phone: Phone 63-963-330

Shopping- Specialty Stores

BeatocelloFind Hotels Near Beatocello

Jayavarman VII Hospital, Vithei Charles de Gaulle

Performing Arts- Music

Constable Gallery At LargeFind Hotels Near Constable Gallery At Large

Hap Guan Street

Phone: Phone 12-699-249

Shopping- Galleries

The Elephant BarFind Hotels Near The Elephant Bar

Vithei Charles de Gaulle

Phone: Phone 63-963-888

Nightlife- Bars, Taverns & Pubs

Eric RaisinaFind Hotels Near Eric Raisina

Borey Prum Prei, Vithei Charles de Gaulle

Phone: Phone 63-963-207

Shopping- Specialty Stores

Flight of the GibbonFind Hotels Near Flight of the Gibbon

Angkor Archaeological Park

Phone: Phone 96-999-9101

Recreation- Other Options

Grasshopper AdventuresFind Hotels Near Grasshopper Adventures

586 Street 26

Phone: Phone 16-337-363

Recreation- Bicycling

The Happy RanchFind Hotels Near The Happy Ranch

Group 4 Svay Dangkum

Phone: Phone 12-920-002

Recreation- Horseback Riding

Hidden Cambodia Adventure ToursFind Hotels Near Hidden Cambodia Adventure Tours

No. 1 Slokram Commun

Phone: Phone 12-655-201

Recreation- Other Options

John McDermottFind Hotels Near John McDermott

Pokambor Avenue

Phone: Phone 12-274-274

Shopping- Galleries

The Living Room at Park Hyatt Siem ReapFind Hotels Near The Living Room at Park Hyatt Siem Reap

Sivatha Boulevard

Phone: Phone 62-211-234

Nightlife- Bars, Taverns & Pubs

Made in Cambodia MarketFind Hotels Near Made in Cambodia Market

Kings Road (at the corner of Seven Makara and Achar Sva Street)

Shopping- Markets

MezzeFind Hotels Near Mezze

13-A Street 11

Phone: Phone 77-226-601

Nightlife- Dance & Nightclubs

Navutu Dreams Resort & SpaFind Hotels Near Navutu Dreams Resort & Spa

Navutu Road

Phone: Phone 63-964-864

Recreation- Spas and Health Clubs

Landmine Museum

3 miles

Sightseeing- Museums

Phare, the Cambodian CircusFind Hotels Near Phare, the Cambodian Circus

Ring Road (south of the intersection with Sok San Road)

Performing Arts- Other Options

Phnom BokFind Hotels Near Phnom Bok

Sightseeing- Historic Sites

Phnom KulenFind Hotels Near Phnom Kulen

Sightseeing- Historic Sites

Phsar ChaaFind Hotels Near Phsar Chaa

Pokambor Avenue

Shopping- Markets

Phsar LeuFind Hotels Near Phsar Leu

National Route 6

Shopping- Markets

Preah Khan

3 miles

Sightseeing- Historic Sites

Prek ToalFind Hotels Near Prek Toal

Recreation- Bird Watching

Sam Veasna CenterFind Hotels Near Sam Veasna Center

552 Group 12, Wat Bo

Phone: Phone 92-554-473

Recreation- Bird Watching

Siem Reap Food ToursFind Hotels Near Siem Reap Food Tours

Phone: Phone 12-505-542

Itinerary- Local Tours

Ta Prohm

3 miles

Sightseeing- Historic Sites

T Galleria by DFS AngkorFind Hotels Near T Galleria by DFS Angkor

968 Vithei Charles de Gaulle

Phone: Phone 63-962-511

Shopping- Shopping Areas

Theam's HouseFind Hotels Near Theam's House

25 Veal Village, Khum Kokchak

Phone: Phone 78-208-161

Shopping- Specialty Stores

Laundry BarFind Hotels Near Laundry Bar

Street 9

Nightlife- Live Music

Vespa AdventuresFind Hotels Near Vespa Adventures

P-64 Borum Prum Prei

Itinerary- Local Tours