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  • Gizo, Ghizo Island, Solomon Islands
    Phone: 60199
    Leaf house traditional setting for restaurant & bar, oceanside resort, colonial architecture - By Gizo Lagoon....
    Commission: 10%
    45 Rooms
    290.3 miles 
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  • Prince Philip Hwy PO Box 4, Honiara, Guadalcanal Island, Solomon Islands
    Phone: 21737
    Polynesian-accented Hotel with modern wing in attractive garden setting, 1 mile from center of town....
    Tourist Class
    Commission: 25%
    66 Rooms
    73.4 miles 
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  • Hibiscus Ave, Honiara, Guadalcanal Island, Solomon Islands
    Phone: 21205
    Hotel with 2 wings, located in heart of Honiara near ocean terminal....
    Tourist Class
    Commission: 20%
    73 Rooms
    $113 (USD)
    73.4 miles 
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