Towson Attractions

Antique Exchange IncorporatedFind Hotels Near Antique Exchange Incorporated

3545 Chestnut Ave. (about 6 mi/10 km north of the Inner Harbor)

3.4 miles

Phone: Phone 410-532-7000

Shopping- Antique Stores

Baltimore BlastFind Hotels Near Baltimore Blast

6929 Golden Ring Road (three blocks north of the harbor)

4.5 miles

Phone: Phone 410-732-5278

Spectator Sports- Soccer

Cylburn ArboretumFind Hotels Near Cylburn Arboretum

4915 Greenspring Ave.

4.5 miles

Phone: Phone 410-367-2217

Sightseeing- Parks & Gardens

Evergreen HouseFind Hotels Near Evergreen House

4545 N. Charles St. (located 2 mi/3 km north on the grounds of The Johns Hopkins University between Loyola College and the College of Notre Dame at Maryland)

3.7 miles

Phone: Phone 410-516-0341

Sightseeing- Historic Sites

Hampton Historic SiteFind Hotels Near Hampton Historic Site

535 Hampton Lane

Phone: Phone 410-823-1309

Sightseeing- Historic Sites

Hometown GirlFind Hotels Near Hometown Girl

1001 W. 36th St. (also called "the Avenue")

5 miles

Shopping- Specialty Stores

Homewood House MuseumFind Hotels Near Homewood House Museum

3400 N. Charles St. (on the campus of The Johns Hopkins University)

4.9 miles

Phone: Phone 410-516-5589

Sightseeing- Historic Sites

Ma Petite ShoeFind Hotels Near Ma Petite Shoe

832 W. 36th St.

4.9 miles

Phone: Phone 410-235-3442

Shopping- Specialty Stores

Morgan State University ChoirFind Hotels Near Morgan State University Choir

1700 E. Cold Spring Lane (on the campus of Morgan State University)

3.9 miles

Phone: Phone 443-885-3598 (contact cultural director Sherrell Dameron Bloom)

Performing Arts- Music

Sherwood GardensFind Hotels Near Sherwood Gardens

4100 St. Paul St. (east of St. Paul Street)

4.2 miles

Sightseeing- Parks & Gardens