Winnipeg Attractions

Academy RoadFind Hotels Near Academy Road


Shopping- Shopping Areas

Assiniboia DownsFind Hotels Near Assiniboia Downs

3975 Portage Ave.

8.5 miles

Phone: Phone 204-885-3330. Toll-free 800-282-8053

Spectator Sports- Horse Racing

Assiniboine ParkFind Hotels Near Assiniboine Park

Parking is available at 2355 Corydon Avenue. Otherwise, enter on foot from Portage Avenue via footbridge that crosses the Assini

Phone: Phone 204-986-6921 (zoo) or 204-986-5537 (Conservatory)

Sightseeing- Parks & Gardens

The BayFind Hotels Near The Bay

Portage Avenue at Memorial Boulevard

3.3 miles

Phone: Phone 204-255-1227

Shopping- Department Stores

Bel AcresFind Hotels Near Bel Acres

Box 32 RR, Suite 2 (A 40-minute drive northwest on Highway 7)

9.4 miles

Phone: Phone 204-632-8337

Recreation- Golf

Birds Hill Provincial ParkFind Hotels Near Birds Hill Provincial Park

Phone: Phone 204-945-3744. Toll-free 866-266-4862

Sightseeing- Parks & Gardens

Celebrations Dinner TheatreFind Hotels Near Celebrations Dinner Theatre

1824 Pembina Highway (in the Canad Inn Fort Garry)

Phone: Phone 204-982-8282

Performing Arts- Theater

Club RegentFind Hotels Near Club Regent

1425 Regent Ave. W.

4.4 miles

Phone: Phone 204-957-2500. Toll-free 800-265-3912

Sightseeing- Casinos

De Luca's Specialty FoodsFind Hotels Near De Luca's Specialty Foods

950 Portage Ave.

1.7 miles

Phone: Phone 204-774-7617

Shopping- Specialty Stores

The Exchange District Historical Walking ToursFind Hotels Near The Exchange District Historical Walking Tours

133 Albert St., Old Market Square, Second Floor

Phone: Phone 204-942-6716

Itinerary- Local Tours

FolkloramaFind Hotels Near Folklorama

183 Kennedy St., Second Floor


Phone: Phone 204-982-6210. Toll-free 800-665-0234

Performing Arts- Other Options

The ForksFind Hotels Near The Forks

1 Forks Market Road

.8 miles

Phone: Phone 204-942-6302. Toll-free 888-942-6302

Sightseeing- Historic Sites

Fort GibraltarFind Hotels Near Fort Gibraltar

866 St. Joseph St.

Phone: Phone 204-237-7692

Sightseeing- Historic Sites

FortWhyte AliveFind Hotels Near FortWhyte Alive

1961 McCreary Road

Phone: Phone 204-989-8355

Sightseeing- Parks & Gardens

Gas Station TheatreFind Hotels Near Gas Station Theatre

445 River Ave.

Phone: Phone 204-284-9477

Performing Arts- Venues

Harbour View Golf ComplexFind Hotels Near Harbour View Golf Complex

1867 Springfield Road

Phone: Phone 204-222-2751

Recreation- Golf

Heartland International Travel & ToursFind Hotels Near Heartland International Travel & Tours

311 Portage Ave., Suite 202

.4 miles

Phone: Phone 204-989-9630. Toll-free 866-890-3377

Itinerary- Local Tours

King's HeadFind Hotels Near King's Head

120 King St.


Phone: Phone 204-957-7710

Nightlife- Bars, Taverns & Pubs

Le Cercle MoliereFind Hotels Near Le Cercle Moliere

340 Provencher Blvd.

1.2 miles

Phone: Phone 204-233-8053

Performing Arts- Theater

Little ItalyFind Hotels Near Little Italy


Shopping- Shopping Areas

Loch GalleryFind Hotels Near Loch Gallery

306 St. Mary's Road

Phone: Phone 204-235-1033

Shopping- Galleries

Lyric TheatreFind Hotels Near Lyric Theatre

East of the Pavilion in Assiniboine Park (east of the Pavilion in Assiniboine Park)

3.4 miles

Phone: Phone 204-888-5466

Performing Arts- Theater

Manitoba Children's MuseumFind Hotels Near Manitoba Children's Museum

45 Forks Market Road

.9 miles

Phone: Phone 204-924-4000

Sightseeing- Museums

The Manitoba MooseFind Hotels Near The Manitoba Moose

345 Graham Ave.

.7 miles

Phone: Phone 204-987-7825

Spectator Sports- Hockey

Manitoba MuseumFind Hotels Near Manitoba Museum

190 Rupert Ave.

.2 miles

Phone: Phone 204-956-2830

Sightseeing- Museums

Manitoba OperaFind Hotels Near Manitoba Opera

380 Graham Ave.

.6 miles

Phone: Phone 204-780-3333

Performing Arts- Opera

The Manitoba Theatre CentreFind Hotels Near The Manitoba Theatre Centre


Phone: Phone 204-956-1340

Performing Arts- Theater

Manitoba Theatre for Young PeopleFind Hotels Near Manitoba Theatre for Young People

2 Forks Market Road (at The Forks)

Phone: Phone 204-942-8898. Toll-free 877-871-6897

Performing Arts- Theater

Mayberry Fine ArtFind Hotels Near Mayberry Fine Art

212 McDermot Ave.

Phone: Phone 204-255-5690. Toll-free 877-871-9261

Shopping- Galleries

McPhillips Street StationFind Hotels Near McPhillips Street Station

484 McPhillips St.

2 miles

Phone: Phone 204-957-2500. Toll-free 800-265-3912

Sightseeing- Casinos

Mike's General StoreFind Hotels Near Mike's General Store

52 Saint Anne's Road (in St. Vital, downtown)

Phone: Phone 204-255-3463

Shopping- Antique Stores

Mordens' of WinnipegFind Hotels Near Mordens' of Winnipeg

674 Sargent Ave.

1 miles

Shopping- Specialty Stores

Mountain Equipment Co-opFind Hotels Near Mountain Equipment Co-op

303 Portage Ave.

.4 miles

Phone: Phone 204-943-4202

Shopping- Other Options

Oak Hammock MarshFind Hotels Near Oak Hammock Marsh

1 Snow Goose Bay (off Highway 220)

Phone: Phone 204-467-3299. Toll-free 888-506-2774

Recreation- Bird Watching

The Old House Revival CompanyFind Hotels Near The Old House Revival Company

325 Young St. N.

.1 miles

Phone: Phone 204-477-4286. Toll-free 800-830-9421

Shopping- Antique Stores

O ToursFind Hotels Near O Tours

205-219 Provencher Blvd.

4.1 miles

Phone: Phone 204-254-3170. Toll-free 877-254-3170

Itinerary- Local Tours

Palm RoomFind Hotels Near Palm Room

222 Broadway

.8 miles

Phone: Phone 204-942-8251. Toll-free 800-665-8088

Nightlife- Bars, Taverns & Pubs

Parks CanadaFind Hotels Near Parks Canada

401-25 Forks Market Road

.9 miles

Phone: Toll-free 888-773-8888

Itinerary- Local Tours

Pavilion GalleryFind Hotels Near Pavilion Gallery

55 Pavilion Crescent

Phone: Phone 204-888-5466

Shopping- Galleries

Plug-In Gallery ICAFind Hotels Near Plug-In Gallery ICA

286 McDermot Ave.

.1 miles

Phone: Phone 204-942-1043

Shopping- Galleries

Prairie Theatre ExchangeFind Hotels Near Prairie Theatre Exchange

393 Portage Ave., Unit Y300, Portage Place, Third Floor

.6 miles

Phone: Phone 204-942-5483

Performing Arts- Theater

PyramidFind Hotels Near Pyramid

176 Fort St.

.6 miles

Phone: Phone 204-957-7777

Nightlife- Other Options

Rainbow StageFind Hotels Near Rainbow Stage

200 -180 Market Ave.

.1 miles

Phone: Phone 204-989-5261 for tickets

Performing Arts- Theater

River City SportsFind Hotels Near River City Sports

1074 Henderson Highway

3.4 miles

Phone: Phone 204-338-7455. Toll-free 800-950-8201

Shopping- Specialty Stores

River OaksFind Hotels Near River Oaks

341 Wildwood Park

3.8 miles

Phone: Phone 204-261-4653

Recreation- Golf

Royal Canadian MintFind Hotels Near Royal Canadian Mint

520 Lagimodiere Blvd.

Phone: Phone 204-255-5203 for hours and to book a tour

Sightseeing- Other Options

South Beach CasinoFind Hotels Near South Beach Casino

1 Ocean Drive

39.3 miles

Phone: Phone 204-766-2100

Sightseeing- Casinos

Springhill Winter ParkFind Hotels Near Springhill Winter Park

Highway 59 (30 minutes from downtown Winnipeg)

Phone: Phone 204-224-3051

Recreation- Skiing

St. Boniface MuseumFind Hotels Near St. Boniface Museum

494 Tache Ave.

1.1 miles

Phone: Phone 204-237-4500

Sightseeing- Museums

Tiajuana Yacht ClubFind Hotels Near Tiajuana Yacht Club

1405 St. Matthews Ave. (at the Canada Inn Polo Park)

2.5 miles

Phone: Phone 204-775-8791

Nightlife- Dance & Nightclubs

Ticketmaster CanadaFind Hotels Near Ticketmaster Canada


Phone: Phone 204-780-3333

Performing Arts- Ticket Brokers

Toad Hall ToysFind Hotels Near Toad Hall Toys

54 Arthur St.

.2 miles

Shopping- Specialty Stores

Toad in the HoleFind Hotels Near Toad in the Hole

108 Osborne St.

1.4 miles

Phone: Phone 204-284-7201

Nightlife- Bars, Taverns & Pubs

Tourisme RielFind Hotels Near Tourisme Riel

Phone: Phone 204-233-8343. Toll-free 866-808-8338

Itinerary- Local Tours

West End Cultural CentreFind Hotels Near West End Cultural Centre

586 Ellice Ave.

Phone: Phone 204-783-6918

Nightlife- Live Music

Western Canada Aviation MuseumFind Hotels Near Western Canada Aviation Museum

958 Ferry Road

3.4 miles

Phone: Phone 204-786-5503

Sightseeing- Museums

Whodunit?Find Hotels Near Whodunit?

165 Lilac St.

2.1 miles

Phone: Phone 204-284-9100

Shopping- Bookstores

Windsor HotelFind Hotels Near Windsor Hotel

187 Garry St.

.6 miles

Nightlife- Live Music

Windsor Park Nordic CentreFind Hotels Near Windsor Park Nordic Centre

10 Rue Des Meurons

3.2 miles

Phone: Phone 204-253-9236

Recreation- Skiing

Winnipeg Art GalleryFind Hotels Near Winnipeg Art Gallery

300 Memorial Blvd.

.8 miles

Phone: Phone 204-786-6641

Sightseeing- Museums

The Winnipeg Blue BombersFind Hotels Near The Winnipeg Blue Bombers

315 Chancellor Matheson Road


Phone: Phone 204-784-2583

Spectator Sports- Football

The Winnipeg GoldeyesFind Hotels Near The Winnipeg Goldeyes

1 Portage Ave. E.


Phone: Phone 204-982-2273

Spectator Sports- Baseball

Winnipeg JetsFind Hotels Near Winnipeg Jets

300 Portage Ave.

Phone: Phone 204-926-5616

Spectator Sports- Hockey

Winnipeg Symphony OrchestraFind Hotels Near Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra

101-555 Main St.

.1 miles

Phone: Phone 204-949-3999

Performing Arts- Music

WoodbineFind Hotels Near Woodbine

466 Main St.

.1 miles

Nightlife- Live Music