Legal Briefs

No recourse to sue airlines over losses due to a delayed flight

Q: I have been trying to explain to a client why he cannot sue the airline for damages when his flight was delayed for so long that he lost a major piece of business as a result. Which is the reason why he cannot sue: Is it "federal preemption," no "private right of action," a problem with the "conditions of carriage" or what? I find the quoted concepts very confusing.... READ MORE

With group bookings, penalties apply for released hotel rooms

Q: My agency signed a contract with a hotel for 100 rooms for a group that we handle every year for a convention at the hotel. This year, the group was only able to reserve 60 rooms and the hotel took the 40 unreserved rooms out of our room block on the cutoff date. Now the hotel is sending us an invoice for the unsold rooms. Do we owe this money? Does it matter if the hotel was sold out on the dates in the contract?... READ MORE

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