Leave climate-change talk to the experts

Interesting to read Richard Turen's essay on the "fact" of man-made global warming [Reality Check: "August 2020: Alone in Paris," Aug. 13]. 

I hadn't realized that your travel publication now doubles as an esteemed scientific journal. I also didn't know that Mr. Turen, in addition to his day job, had mastered the fine points of astrophysics and paleoclimatology.

Perhaps your other travel journalists could enlighten us readers with the "facts" on the age and size of the universe. Or the cause of Alzheimer's disease. Or the date and time of the end of the world.

I understand this is a very warm year in many areas, and droughts are painful, but I don't think "adventure tour operators" are qualified sources regarding the effect, or lack of, of carbon dioxide on the troposphere. But they do come in handy when looking for rhinos in Nepal!

Am I wrong, or didn't Athens and Istanbul have major snowstorms a few months ago? Funny that I didn't see any global warming stories then.

If climate change is real and the Earth is in peril, are you recommending that travelers avoid countries like China and India where environmental controls are few and mostly unenforced?

Perhaps agents should limit our suggested destination list to Spitsbergen, the Yukon and Vermont?

Overall, I enjoy reading Travel Weekly, but Mr. Turen's column was out of far-left field for your generally decent trade magazine.

On the other hand, if global warming is a fact as he claims, Mr. Turen's Chicagoland office might soon consider recommending Racine, Sheboygan and Green Bay as affordable January beach destinations!

Ed Schreiber
Brookings, Ore.

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