Outlook for young agents not as bleak as some say

I would like to comment on Arnie Weismann's column "Is there life outside the travel industry?" [June 25] and P. Jason King's response in a letter to the editor [July 9]. 

While Jason makes some good points, I would have to say that there are people entering the travel industry.

I've personally spoken to and met travel agents under the age of 30 who embrace Facebook and Twitter (their only means of marketing) to find their customers. I personally worked with many under the age of 30 at NLG, a travel distributor that utilized the Internet and technology to sell to the customer. The two CEOs themselves were just over 30 at the time.

Perhaps the new people entering travel aren't coming at the same volume as a decade or two ago, but due to social changes and technology, there are hundreds of professions now that did not exist in the 1980s (when I myself left an advertising agency to go into travel.)

So, yes, perhaps there are fewer coming, but those who come are talented and passionate. Moreover, they focus on specialties in which they would not use a search company to be placed but rather their own means to find open positions suitable for them.

Melanie Alexander Tanionos
The MAAC Group
Alexandria, Va.

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