Travel Weekly's Preview 2018

On the following pages, our reporters, editors and contributors take on the always perilous task of predicting what the year ahead holds for the industry. This isn't crystal ball stuff; it's an attempt to follow current trends in products, technological efficiencies and finances to their logical conclusions. Still, as any businessperson will tell you, that path of logic is always riddled with danger, and unknowns lurk everywhere.


Executive View

Industry Sectors


Ultralow-cost carriers will maintain aggressive growth, and the pilot shortage will increasingly hurt... READ MORE


Expedition cruising is getting bigger and swankier, and technology will continue to transform the... READ MORE


Tourism hot spots will continue to bounce back from 2017's natural and man-made crises.... READ MORE


The industry will see a convergence and evolution in lodging types, design styles and guest... READ MORE


Providing unique and custom experiences will increasingly be the focus of suppliers.... READ MORE


The industry waits to see if the Trump administration will settle in after a year of surprise after... READ MORE


With a strong economy and high consumer confidence, a banner year is in store.... READ MORE

River cruise

Lines will continue working to broaden their passenger base, with U by Uniworld in particular courting... READ MORE


Operators will increasingly focus on "giving back," embracing a sense of purpose by imbuing trips with... READ MORE

Reality Check