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Backroads, Coppola partner in Central America
At Coppola's Blancaneaux Lodge in Belize, thatched roofs help keep the rooms ventilated. The resort is one of two partnering with Backroads

Backroads, Coppola partner in Central America

Myriam Kournaf, managing director of the Family Coppola Resorts, said “Backroads' adventure-loving clientele are a perfect fit for the remote luxuries our Central American properties have to offer.” READ MORE

With Machu Picchu as the magnet that attracts thousands of visitors on a daily basis, it can feel as though one is on a magnificent excursion to Disneyland, Peruvian-style. But off-the-beaten-track experiences can be had not only on Machu Picchu but throughout the land of the Inca. READ MORE