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Booking portal adds to Venue Report's event-planning ability

With the portal, users can book up to two rooms online. Those who want more than two rooms qualify for "white glove service," an offline endeavor that collects information on what users need, then passes bookings on to Palm Coast Travel, a Signature Travel Network agency.... READ MORE

Data suggests a 'Trump slump' in travel to U.S.
Data suggests a 'Trump slump' in travel to U.S.

International flight-booking data confirmed concerns across the travel industry that president Trump's 90-day travel ban on nationals from seven Muslim-majority countries is dealing a significant blow to inbound travel to the U.S.... READ MORE

Corporate buyers fear travel repercussions of Trump ban

Thirty-nine percent of respondents to an Association of Corporate Travel Executives survey said the travel ban could reduce business travel for their corporations overall, while 20% say the ban already is causing problems for their travelers and programs.... READ MORE

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