UPDATED: Delta commission deal only for select distributors

By Michael Fabey and Gay Nagle Myers

Clarifying the terms of a promotion first reported on TravelWeekly.com on Wednesday, Delta has explained that its offer of 10% commission on certain flights from New York-area airports is available only to distributors that "have an existing sales relationship" with Delta.

Delta said the promotion applies to New York flights to the Caribbean, Mexico and Central and South America.

Bookings must be made by June 30 for travel through Dec. 15, and flights must originate at Newark, LaGuardia, Kennedy, White Plains and Stewart airports.

"From time to time, Delta will issue limited-term promotional campaigns on selected routes with targeted accounts that have an existing sales relationship with the company," the airline said. "This specific promotion targets flights originating in the NYC area to Delta's Latin America region."

TravelWeekly.com’s initial report was based on a notice sent by Delta to an agent, who shared it with a reporter on Wednesday. When contacted by reporters late Wednesday, airline officials in New York said they were unaware of the promotion, which was announced in an email originating at Delta’s Atlanta headquarters, and scrambled to get the facts.

On Thursday morning, the airline told Travel Weekly, "This email blast went to a limited number of accounts in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico," adding that only those agents who received the notice were eligible to participate in the promotion.

Delta also announced the following stipulations:

Commission is valid on Delta, Northwest and Delta Connection flights. Tickets must be plated on DL (006) or NW (012). Commission is not valid on private fares. The agency must use the ticket designator and instructions provided in order to avoid recalled commission.

The offer does not apply to infant, student, military or standby fares and blocked group space.

"Delta is committed to the Latin American and Caribbean regions, and we appreciate your ongoing support," Delta said in the email sent to select partners.

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