Amadeus launches trip-planning app for iPad

By Kate Rice

Amadeus has introduced Travel Seeker HD, an iPad app that allows travelers to plan trips without being confined to the traditional two-dimensional grids of city pairs and dates.

It opens with a map, with the user’s hometown (or whatever they want their city of origin to be) in the center. It essentially puts the world at the traveler’s fingertips, with a variety of multicolored balloons hovering over destinations over the globe. The colors stand for affordability on a color-coded “Deal Meter,” which runs from green (for better deal) to orange (not as good) to red.

Travel Seeker HD integrates with Facebook, so users can see fares to cities where their friends are.

They can sort by activities, destination or even by nonstop flight — all by touching an intuitive icon. And then users can factor in date by touching a calendar icon and budget by touching a piggy bank icon. They adjust the budget with their fingertip.

Users can get instant responses to questions like: “Where can I go for $500?” “When is the best time to go to New Zealand?”, “Where can I go to enjoy a family vacation at a theme park?” or “In which cities can I meet my friends?”

Users can browse maps, view photos and guides, and search hundreds of flights and fares.

Users can email their selected destination and details to their preferred travel agency to book their travel. A private label version of the app is available for travel agencies and airlines.

Travel Seeker HD uses Amadeus’ Extreme Search inspirational shopping solution and Master Pricer low-fare search technology.

Amadeus started offering the app on the Apple App Store earlier this month.

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