With the myriad of conferences, conventions and FAMs -- you can't dance at every dance. As my business has grown, I have become very selective on where I chose to invest my time that will move my business forward the most. If I had to attend just one event each year (and was lucky enough to be chosen for this one) hands down it would be GTM. By design, it fosters the networking between the top level agents in attendance which is every bit as valuable as the supplier interactions. This industry is all about relationships, and the ones I have gained and nurtured through GTM have had a huge positive impact on my business. GTM gets it - and they get it right!
Shari Kavalin
Elegant Escapes


GTM is, by far, the most organized, productive and most enjoyable program established for both buyers and sellers. It truly was a remarkable experience and one that I will never forget. With that being said, GTM 2014 allowed me to discover new products and services reflecting the diversity and uniqueness of our travel industry. Armed with these new products and services, I am now able to bolster my product offering – in addition to enhancing my ability to provide my clients with even more unique travel opportunities from which to choose from. GTM 2014 truly reflected the hard work by a dedicated team led by Alicia Evanko and Northstar Travel Media.
Chris Martin
Elite Travel Consulting, Inc.

GTM is an exceptional event where respect and appreciation to the travel professional is incomparable. It’s shown in the perfect timing and organization of the event and in the atmosphere and camaraderie of true professionals. After so many years in the industry, I would say that the only printed material I will remain attached to is GTM green magic book! Thank you very much for accepting me to the program.
Cessy Meacham

The entire experience was first class, with quality suppliers and successful travel professionals, so all meetings and networking provided the opportunity for new insights and perspectives. I found the mix of suppliers to be outstanding, as I was able to learn about little-known destinations and suppliers that I would not have pursued otherwise, as well as get updates from familiar suppliers. The boardroom sessions were particularly effective in getting in-depth information within a more intimate environment. The one-on-one sessions afforded me the ability to expand my resource portfolio and establish new business partners for exciting new ventures. Top-notch event from start to finish.
Carol Rowland
Recess 4 Grownups

GTM keeps on raising the bar for buyer/supplier events in the travel industry. The networking opportunities with other elite travel management professionals and top suppliers as well as product variety and presentations are unbeatable. Planned and executed to perfection.
Oliver Kopplin
Premier Global Travel Group, Inc

GTM reaffirmed how much passion I have for my travel business.
Jill Kelm
At Your Service Travel

GTM has really been helpful to my overall business, and that alone makes it very worthwhile. I can't say this about most other conferences/conventions I've attended. While they are nice, informative, etc., GTM takes it many notches beyond that and personalizes it between myself (the consultant) and a plethora of really great vendors. Although I know and work with many of them already, I’ve been fortunate to have met new, excellent vendors that I have connected with, didn't know about, and am now doing concrete business with. That alone speaks volumes. Then, throw in the other travel agents-consultants; top notch people, knowledgeable, informative, successful, and very inspiring (plus cool, and very fun to hang out with!). I've kept in touch with some of them, and that also has been a huge plus, it's like we now have a fraternity for both great information we can impart to each other (no one knows everything!,) as well as for friendship. Finally, the GTM staff is awesome! Getting to meet, talk to and connect with many of the top names in travel is also a big plus. So, when you put all of this together, you really have one of the best travel-related conferences in the world.
Adam Wilson

I don't do very many trade events, am very picky what I go to only because so many of them, the agents (and I hate to say this) go for the food and freebies. If I make the extra time to attend an event, I would like it to be first class, have information I can use to sell that product/area etc. GTM brought together dedicated agents who want to learn more about the industry. I came away inspired, re-energized about booking travel. I've never lost my passion for selling travel and this meeting just pushed it up a notch, especially since so many of my peers have the same passion as me.
Laura Wilson
Moraga Travel

This event was spectacular. All the arrangements were handled extremely well and there was ease in requesting appointments. I had the opportunity to speak with TO's from parts of the world that I did not already have information about. I was very pleased to meet with the luxury suppliers that were new to me. I also learned additional information about companies I was familiar with such as new destinations and utilizing their booking tools. I feel honored to have attended such a prestigious event.

GTM was an event completely designed for the successful Travel Professional. Most shows are designed to appeal to all levels in the industry - from beginners to seasoned pro's - so the content can be very repetitive. Also, many shows that include a trade show format seem to be designed for the supplier. The format of GTM allows exposure for the participating suppliers in a method that puts the needs of the agent FIRST. It is much appreciated! I can't remember when I felt more taken-care-of and everything ran like a well-oiled machine. Thanks for allowing me to participate!
Lisa Fletcher
Signature Escapes

GTM was extremely organized and made great use of my time. Meeting one-on-one opened dialog with suppliers I might not have considered using in the past.
John Moore
Moore Travel

GTM gave the opportunity to meet suppliers and build relationships. I was able to increase my knowledge about their products and services and therefore increase sales and service to my clients.
Tammy McDaniel
Tammy's Journeys

This event was incredible. I learned so much and met so many new suppliers. Being part of a Consortium, I attend annual conventions where our preferred vendors spend time with us in small groups at round table discussions, but this was so much more! To have the opportunity to select 60 suppliers whom YOU WANT TO do business with or learn more about what they offer is an opportunity I have never had before. I made personal connections with suppliers who I have done business with, but did not have a direct contact to reach out to. I also had the opportunity to schedule time with people who I have heard of, but never worked with before because I didn't have enough information until now. During one of my breaks on Friday, I closed a sale for a family vacation based on my one-on-one with Funjet and a resort they recommended for this client. And less than 24 hours after getting back to Jersey, I have already signed up for monthly services from Passport Online, Travel 42 and am creating a group page with Shore Excursions to increase my tour sales for an upcoming cruise group of 40 travelers. I had never been introduced previously to any of these three vendors and already signed up to work with them to grow my business. And this is just the beginning of the new business I will work on as a result of GTM. Kudos to the team at Travel Weekly for a most powerful and well organized event.
Stacy Coggan
Vacations By Stacy, A Cruise Holidays Franchise

In the past 10 years, the majority of the suppliers I have been introduced to are cruise related. It was wonderful to make contact with so many land suppliers. I feel so much more equipped to handle my clients land trips now.
Sheri Clarke
Cruise Holidays

GTM was well organized well represented, very professional and very educational. This is a tool that will grow your business.
Wayne Hylton
American Express Travel & Leisure

I really enjoyed the one on one meetings. They provide an excellent opportunity to learn about the suppliers’ products and figure where they can fit into my client mix. The ability to meet with such high caliber suppliers proves what a necessary event Global Travel Marketplace was.
Ted Bradpiece
Explorer Travel Services

After 30 plus years in our travel industry, I left GTM with a renewed sense of excitement and commitment for this career I have chosen.
Alice Lambie
Alice in Traveland

Here is how I describe GTM: The exclusivity, being with colleagues of same experience, passion and drive. The feeling of knowing vendors understand our value, giving respect with their time to share with us as partners, knowing how dedicated we are with travel and selling. Understanding how busy we are and going us this opportunity to be one on one making our partnership stronger!
Sheila Michels
Hometown Travel dba. Carrousel travel

GTM provides a fast-pace platform for networking with like-minded people and amazing suppliers. For me, who works alone day-in and day-out, the opportunity to meet others through in-depth or quick presentations and then continue those conversations/relationships through networking breaks and evening functions allowed for bonding and frankly, was a gift of time for me. I didn't like just one thing...GTM is a total experience.
Shari Marsh
Cruise Holidays, Raleigh

This event allowed me to make the connections needed to ensure that my clients vacations would be a cut above everyone else!
Sherry Leybovich

GTM was organized. Each detail was seamless. The boardroom meetings were great. GTM was a perfect way to rejuvenate the importance of travel professionals. Certainly there are many channels these days to book travel, however nothing ever will replace human contact when booking a lifetime experience. I learned about places I would have never thought to send my clients. I've been to many events over the years and this was the best with such a wide variety of things. I just cannot pinpoint one thing I liked most. GTM is a valuable event in our ever-changing industry!
Lisa Vivirito
Diamond Travel

After 30 years of trade shows, I didn't expect there to be so much excitement and business creation ability at one event. I didn't feel there was any wasted time or efforts on anyone's behalf. I met the beneficial company members that will assist in my getting the right awareness to my clients. I would attend this event anytime I am invited as I will be able to create revenue with these new partnerships! Thanks to everyone who made this possible and I look forward to speaking with everyone as we create mutual revenue from this event!
Mark Steward
Jet Set Tourism

GTM has raised the bar for Travel Industry conference events. GTM brings together professional top producing travel advisors and top notch suppliers so we can grow our relationships and therefore grow our business together.
Neal Miller
Neal Miller Travel Company

Everyone was very focused on making every minute valuable—whether Organizers, Suppliers or Travel Advisors.
Adriana Breidenstein
Travel Experts

Every moment was utilized and so unbelievably organized.
Pamela Delgado

This is the most profitable, professional and efficient networking event in the industry! The intense meeting schedule is perfect and the time out of the office is an excellent investment.
Anita S Nooe
TravelPlanners LLC

GTM is such a high caliber event that has helped me to crystalize my vision for growth by aligning me and my agents with top suppliers in emerging hot destinations. I love the fact that as small as I am compared to the other brick & mortars downtown, I actually have more connections than they and I am promoting more high-end and unique offerings than they are. GTM helped me to gain that edge.
Jen Maki
Divine Destinations

Looking back...GTM was so organized from start to finish; A Class Act! Everything was seamless. That's so rare in this industry - takes true care and talent!
Jennifer Wayland
Island Bridal, Inc.

What surprised me the most is that I feel my own passion for travel has deepened. There are so many places I can't wait to visit now and this passion will help me close more sales.
Laura Sangster
The Journey Group

I enjoyed the professionalism of GTM in the event planners, vendors and agents. I truly felt special to be a part of this and it was extremely well-run.
Aggie Lewis
Aggies Travel Inc

After being in the travel business for over 20 years I've realized I've been in a rut. When approached about GTM I was thinking to myself: "Ugh, another travel show". I immediately came tumbling down from my high horse and I honestly feel like I've been reborn. This is the BEST business decision I've made in years. Everything about the GTM was 100% spot on. EVERY little detail was covered. This was the best travel show I've ever attended and I've been to plenty!
Bobby McGovern
Reservations Master

It is extremely special, purposeful and rewarding when like-minded professionals gather, share and engage in such an extraordinary event like GTM.
Patti Lehman
The Travel Agent, Inc.

Every aspect from the very beginning to the end was an incredible learning experience. The networking was priceless we were all there to help each other. It was the best experience I could ever have.
Francine Montoya
frosch Travel Pompano

GTM is the best event I attend. The organization is impeccable, and the attention to detail astonishing. A lot of thought and work went into this event, congrats to the team!
Bernard Bacle
Club Aventure

Suppliers were able to "educate" in the short amount of time they had. I was very pleased with my selections for the one-on-one appointments. And the boardrooms with the same group of agents is a great idea. Loved that!
Patti Rossetti
Asap Travel Inc

Business-to-Business, GTM was a one-stop forum to connect with reliability and professionalism.
Roxana Lewis CTC
Protravel International

I can only compare the experience to a spiritual one. That might sound goofy but I feel like I've almost been reborn. I've been in the business for 30 + years, but now I feel validated. There where many times I felt emotional and almost teary because I felt so grateful to be included in this prestigious event. Not only did I make great supplier connections, learned a lot, but was also blown away by the caliber of agents that attended. We are one community and it really felt that way.
Irene Mastalia
Travel Dreams

Great use of time, low stress as an agent, and amazing connections with experienced agents that I know I'll be using for years to come! Amazing!
Michelle Carbone
Michelle's Destinations Unlimited

As a travel advisor, we have to know the world for our clients. But it's one thing to know about a supplier and another thing to get to know them and have them as a contact. Events like GTM cement those relationships built. The format of the event was ideal; 6 minutes is a good overview for meetings and the 30-minute boardroom sessions were wonderful. I cannot wait to put my new knowledge and partnerships to work.
Victoria DeLeon
World Travel

The entire event was organized perfectly. I felt like we were being taken care of as a company's best client; all aspects of the show were for our benefit. The agenda was a perfect mix of one on one meetings, group presentations and networking functions.
John Crowe

I have never felt more comfortable in an event of my peers that work as hard as I do to run their business. It was like being in a corporate environment, yet incredibly FUN and interesting. The words that ran through my whole being were "I belong here."
Deborah Fogarty
Be Well Travel, LLC

GTM provided a fast paced learning environment that was straight to the point, with some amazing networking opportunities as well. The quality of both the suppliers and agents who attended provided a platform for the most engaging conversations and exchanges of ideas. Everything was well organized, the length of the educational sessions was just right, and the venue was wonderful. This was probably the best event of its kind I ever attended and I can't wait for the next one.
Csilla Dali
Global Voyages Inc

Not only does GTM help facilitate strategic supplier/agent connections, it does so in a way that shows honor and respect to the travel professional. Attending GTM was inspiring, motivational, and career-changing, and I'm excited to be gearing my sales efforts toward the suppliers who have shown their support and dedication through this event.
Debby Hughes
CruiseOne - Debby Hughes & Associates

I found it fun, informative, and a challenge to keep up with the pace.
Ken Heit

GTM has diversity of the business models and agents themselves. There is a real sense of community between agents, rather than competition and as agents, we were treated like VALUABLE partners to the vendors.
Cheryl Perleberg
To Go Travel, Inc.

GTM brought elite travel agents from different areas, logistics, backgrounds and experiences together in a fantastic destination. We were able to meet with travel partners during planned and unplanned events to establish stronger relationships for ourselves and our clients. GTM was able to get everyone motivated before, during and after the event via social media and with professional tools to help throughout the event. The GTM reputation is spreading quickly. Being invited is like getting an award, and this award is going to be displayed on my web site, newsletters and even my future business cards.
Debbie Muir
Royal Blue Travel by Travel Authority

It was the most professional and educational conference I have ever been to! It was definitely worth the time out of the office!
Debra Gordon

GTM was one of the most professionally run conferences I have ever attended. Everything ran on time, and smoothly.
Patricia Thorington
Plaza Travel

GTM was an extremely well-organized event and highly efficient method to get introduced to or re-acquainted with a whole range of destinations, hotels, cruise lines, tour operators and travel services. As travel professionals, we must stay informed and know the next new travel options for our clients. GTM helped me achieve that in less than three days.
Rob Clabbers
Cruise Holidays Chicago

I love GTM because it is a smaller more intimate trade show experience. You are able to spend quality time with vendors as well as other independent agency owners and really forge strong relationships.
Ginny Mariano
Avanti World Travel, Inc.

The staff for sure were so welcoming and friendly and warm...the entire feeling from first check-in to the end made me feel part of the GTM family of vendors and agents.
Lisa Silvestri
Silvestri Travel LLC

The one on one sessions were a perfect amount of time to get an overview of the products. I got to meet new suppliers and get a feel of their product.
Eric M. Murken
Travel Advisors of Los Gatos

I loved how organized every minute was; I loved the quality of the attendees. It really is the best of the best!
Uniglobe One

My husband and I were both completely blown away by the event. I felt proud to be a travel agent. We have been so beat up in past years, it was nice to feel appreciated. I fell back in love with the travel industry I had fallen in love with 35 years ago.
Deana Garner
Garner World Travel & Conferencing, Inc.

A few of my appointments were with companies I was not familiar with, but I realized I may be able to use them. We were a fit and I did not even know it! I did not see one negative with the event.
Mary Peters, CTC
Friendly Travel, Inc.

GTM is a luxury travel agents dream come true. I was able to maximize every minute of the day just learning and networking. GTM did everything perfect—I could go on all day!
Terry Strauss
Dedham Travel

GTM had an exceptional amount of dynamism, positive energy, and was very attuned to the U.S. travel agent needs, and keenly aware and focused on travel trends in the U.S. and the Americas in particular. The target was to attract quality, active U.S. travels and suppliers for substantive, positive, productive interaction and exchange of ideas, introduction of key products, and I am beyond confident that GTM succeeded in achieving this goal. The quality of both suppliers and U.S. agents was quite high, and particular strong suites included ample time to interact with key cruise suppliers and American upscale hotel chains including Starwood and Marriott. On an organizational level, the staff was dynamite...confident, informed, genuine, cool and collected, and exuberating positive energy, which made the GTM an exceptionally enjoyable experience!
Mia Park
Surf City/Corporate Travel Center American Express

I was most impressed by the professionalism of the agents, suppliers and GTM staff. The skill to organize such an event is amazing.
Diane Depke
Travel Forum Inc.

Extremely well organized and professional. The entire GTM staff was committed to engaging all participants.
Buzz Bernard
The Travel Authority

GTM provide me with an opportunity to network with suppliers and agents alike. The small size kept it more personal and easier to interact than many of the larger conferences in the industry. It was fantastic to get updates from existing suppliers I use and also meet new suppliers and build relationships with them.
Carl Henderson
TPI - Canada

I'm honored to have attended GTM 2013 and 2014. I really hope I have a chance in 2015. I can't tell you what it has done for my business and I'm actually sad thinking I don't have a chance next year. I would be willing to pay to attend this event. What I've gone away with is beyond words, GTM is keeping my business thriving and fresh. It's easy to get in a slump in this business and I come back feeling refreshed and ready to go. Again, what I get out of GTM is beyond words.
Heather Howe
Travel By Heather/CWT Vacations

For me, the best thing about GTM was getting the opportunity to establish a personal relationship with suppliers. The ability to put a FACE to the PRODUCT is immeasurable!
Rich Stieff
Cruise Planners (AYDT)

It is the most organized, professional, perfect event. Just the right amount of everything.
Rebecca Gardner Myrick


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