What's New, What's Hot: June 2016

What's New, What's Hot is Travel Weekly's look at useful and fun travel gadgets, edited by Joe Rosen. This month, we take a look at several products for summer travel. First up, while intrusive and insistent paparazzi might not be your problem when out and about, the Paparazzi Thwarting Sun Visor can at the least protect your face from the harsh glare of the sun. The reflective visor pulls down over your face to block 99 percent of harmful solar rays -- its one-way reflective, 19.25-inch-long by 10-inch-wide surface does the trick -- while providing 50 plus UPF protection.<br /><br /><strong>Photo Credit: Anna Turayeva</strong>Made for women, this chapeau has a wide band on the back the literally lifts one's hair off the neck, keeping you cool and comfortable on the summer's warmest days. No Velcro or buckles with this hat, which accommodates women with either short or long hair. In addition to fitting comfortably and available in white, black and pink, the Hytail fits easily in a purse, workout bag, glove compartment or pocket.These one-piece-design sandals are made to last, easy to clean and just the thing for wearing around the pool, on a boat or at the beach. Constructed using nonporous rubber for an anti-slip security with just enough stickiness and the added virtue of eliminating foot odor, Bokos Sandals come in a variety of sizes and colors for men and women. An extra inducement: Bokos boast an ''interlock'' design, which means they can easily fit into an overnight bag or carryon.Among the offerings in the Astral Aquatic Footwear line are the Brewer Brewess, the Ronny and Linda, and the Porter. The Brewer and Brewess, built with a quick-drying Cordura fabric and a sticky, high-friction rubber outsole, is designed for use in kayaking, rafting and just being around a lake or river. The light-weight Ronny and Linda are meant for high-back kayaking, with easy-access pockets and maximum ventilation. And the Porter, designed for surfers, is equipped for quick drying and features a durable upper and adjustable heel lace that can lock into place.This fast-drying towel from Cascade Designs feels luxurious and eliminates those hard-to-manage, water-laden beach towels of the past. Made of a looped terry-knit microfiber fabric that has a fluffy cotton feel, the Luxe PackTowl soaks up to five times its weight in water yet can be easily wrung dry in 30 percent of the time it takes to dry a similar-sized cotton towel. In addition, a silver-ion odor control system helps keep the Luxe fresh and smelling good. The beach towel, which offers a hang loop and storage pouch, measures 36 inches by 59 inches.The primary selling points of this unique cotton beach towel are that it is waterproof, which is unique in itself, and ''anti-sand,'' which is supposed to indicate that the product's nylon base backing has ''loop-less'' fibers that sand will not stick to. Pick up the towel from the beach and, according to Sandusa, it will be sand free. In addition, because it is constructed to be waterproof, the beach towel can also be used to wrap your wet gear, protect car seats after a day at the beach or protect electronic gear from a sudden rain storm.It is not that Zoinx sunglasses merely block damaging UV rays that make them unique, rather it is a patented clip integrated into the temple that allows active wearers to fasten them to their bag or belt, and also includes a sport strap, a zippered pouch and a flotation insert to keep them from ending up in Davy Jones' Locker making them appropriate for beach or pool. Moreover, the sport strap links with the sunglasses' temple clips to help keep your shades in place when you are moving about.These lightweight outfits are perfect for summer travel. Described as ''smooth active wear that fit like a second skin,'' Slipins come in a variety of colors and styles, designed for wear over wet suits while enjoying water sports from surfing to paddle boarding. They can also be worn on their own, in the water, poolside or sightseeing. These varied quick-drying outfits carry a 60+SPF rating for sun protection.Unfurled from its integrated, attached storage pouch, this water-resistant and puncture-resistant blanket is large enough at 64 by 44 inches to accommodate two or more persons sitting on it while still folding into itself as the size of a wallet. Ultra-compact, the Matador Pocket Blanket, which weighs all of 3.2 ounces and is only 92 microns thick, has weighted corners for security of setting and a key loop for easy transport. Keep it in your pocket and be ready to relax in comfort and ease on the grass or sand at any time.