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Caribbean watchers took note recently when Winair announced plans to suspend its St. Maarten-Nevis service, and then abruptly rescinded the move after talks with the Nevis tourism ministry.

Even more notable: A pal with a shortwave radio says he first heard the story on an English-language shortwave news broadcast from Cuba.

Shortwave radio? It still exists in this age of tweets and blogs?

It's alive and well, in Cuba and elsewhere, and this little story reminds us that Cuba is not as "isolated" as defenders of the U.S. embargo might think. It's participating in, and reporting on, the economic life of the Caribbean even as we "tweet."

-- Bill Poling 

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Yes, Shortwave still exists. For those of us in North America, however, it's a mere shadow of its former self. The Internet and the ability to stream broadcasts has replaced the trusty old shortwave receiver for a lot of listeners. Audiences in the US, Canada, and the Caribbean have dwindled so much that the big international broadcasters like the BBC and Radio Netherlands have decided to shut down transmissions to those areas. Shortwave is still a popular medium in Asia, Africa, South America and Central America. North Americans can still pick up stations from around the world with even the most basic of shortwave radios. As an experienced traveler, I strongly recommend taking a shortwave radio with you, especially overseas. It's a great way to tune in to the world when the tweets and blogs are out of reach.
Posted by: marketing at 4/17/2009 9:53 AM

As geeky as I've become, I've remained an avid shortwave listener for more than 40 years. Arnie Coro's english language program on Radio Habana has been one my favorite shows. If you don't have a shortwave radio, go to and listen to what you've been missing.

It's been an education over the years listening to Radio Moscow's communist propaganda during the cold war and Radio South Africa's broadcasts endorsing apartied.

Any time I travel overseas, I pack my portable shortwave receiver and enjoy both the english language broadcasts from the countries that I'm visiting as well as the familiar broadcasts of the BBC and Voice of America.
Posted by: marketing( Visit ) at 4/17/2009 11:13 AM

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