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JetBlue partners with coat-checking service

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CoatChexFor all of us who climbed aboard flights this past winter, trying to stuff a down parka or an overcoat into the crammed overhead bins, it is sweet relief to ditch the winter coat at home.

JetBlue is thinking ahead, however, to when the weather turns cold again. The carrier has partnered with CoatChex, a ticketless coat check service in the main marketplace area at its Terminal 5 at New York's Kennedy Airport.

There’s no claim ticket to lose and no long line to stand in, thanks to mobile technology and smart tags that grab the necessary information.

Passengers step up to a digital kiosk and enter phone number, initials and other details. They then smile for a quick photo and they’re done.

When passengers deplane, they provide the last four digits of their phone number. Staff confirms identities by checking photos and then hands over the winter attire.

CoatChex plans to add a centrally located kiosk this fall to supplement its current kiosk.

Rate to check a coat is $2 a day, $10 a week.

CoatChex has been doing this for several years at concerts, sporting events, malls, theaters, conferences and stadiums.

— Gay Nagle Myers

Flight attendant has a good standup act

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A little bit of levity to spice up the boring flight safety announcement goes a long way, as Southwest Airlines' flight attendant Marty Cobb proved in a video that went viral.


According to her Facebook page, Cobb has been with Southwest since 2006. She made the video three months ago during a flight to Salt Lake City.

She's done the routine on many flights, but often changes the wording.

"Safety is our first concern, but we can still have fun with it," Cobb said.

— Gay Nagle Myers


The humble pigeon stars in JetBlue ads

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JetBlue's newest ad campaign positions the lowly pigeon as the ultimate frequent flyer that does not receive the respect it deserves.

"With JetBlue's 'Air on the Side of Humanity' campaign, we showcase the challenges of modern air travel by giving a voice to the most overlooked, unappreciated frequent flyers of all — pigeons," said Lisa Borromeo, JetBlue's director of brand management and advertising.

The campaign delivers narrative from the perspectives of a pigeon that draws playful comparisons on how people are treated by other carriers, including cramped spaces, limited snacks, flying on someone else's schedule and the feeling of being ignored.

The month-long campaign launched April 2 with TV spots in Boston, Fort Lauderdale and New York and across social media. An interactive mobile media game allows people to pretend to be a pigeon.

"Today's conventional branding blends together. JetBlue had the opportunity to make a statement against the competition by showing the brand's alignment with humanity and by reminding consumers that there is a better way to fly," Borromeo said.

— Gay Nagle Myers 

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