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Spirit AirlinesSpirit Airlines has been in the news for having a relatively high number of complaints lately, and the airline takes these issues seriously.

You might think that would push Spirit to try to improve its offering.


Spirit thinks the problem is that people don't understand how it works before they fly. To solve that problem, Spirit is focused on changing perceptions with a new marketing campaign, injected with a bit of humor to explain its no-frills approach.

The Miramar, Fla.-based airline is rolling out a "Less Money, More Go" campaign aimed at better explaining its fee-obsessed unbundled pricing model.

Spirit 101 is the carrier's effort to give a basic overview of how the airline works. CEO Ben Baldanza said that fares average 40% cheaper on Spirit, but admitted that added fees infuriate some flyers who often feel duped.

"We know some people say they hate Spirit, but we're going to hug the haters," Baldanza said. "Spirit offers crazy low fares by providing a completely different product than 'old school' airlines.”

Spirit typically charges extra for bags, drinks and seat assignment, and crams in more seats per aircraft than any other carrier. Spirit has even trademarked names for its products:

Bare Fares: The fares are stripped down, and include a seat on the flight. A ticket gets a customer and a personal item from A to B. To learn how to strip down and save with the Bare Fare, see Jack and Theresa at

Frill Control: Spirit lets you pay only for the options you want, like a bigger seat or a checked bag. With Spirit, you're never stuck paying for someone else's "free" bag.

Fit Fleet: A lot of people assume that Spirit, as a discount carrier, flies old airplanes that might not be that safe. In reality, Spirit's aircraft are pretty young and purchased new from the manufacturer. It makes sense that Spirit would want to stress to people that cheap doesn't mean unsafe.

Plane Simple: In this case, Spirit is talking about its cramped seating and lack of amenities onboard. Yes, seats are packed and they don't recline. No, WiFi is not offered and there are no video screens. But that’s how Spirit keeps costs down and fares low.

-- Gay Nagle Myers

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