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  • Leaping Leipzig - 1 of 20

    Leaping Leipzig

    Travel Weekly contributor Nadine Godwin spent a couple of days getting acquainted with Leipzig, in the former East Germany, during a tour hosted by the German National Tourist Office. Leipzig bills itself as the city of music and one can see why just by looking at it through the lens of a camera. Even the city's bicycles have images of Johann Sebastian Bach, the 18th century composer who lived in Leipzig 27 years. Posted Jan. 19, 2012

  • Leaping Leipzig - 2 of 20

    Leaping Leipzig

    Exterior of Leipzig's Bach Museum, which reopened after a redesign in 2010.

  • Leaping Leipzig - 3 of 20

    Leaping Leipzig

    Johann Sebastian Bach stands proudly on his pedestal outside Leipzig's St. Thomas Church, where he was choirmaster for the boys' choir.

  • Leaping Leipzig - 4 of 20

    Leaping Leipzig

    Leipzig's St. Thomas Church where Bach was the choirmaster from 1723 to 1750. The choir is 800 years old this year.

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    Leaping Leipzig

    Leipzig's St. Thomas Church seen from the back.

  • Leaping Leipzig - 6 of 20

    Leaping Leipzig

    A room where composer Felix Mendelssohn worked. The composer died in this Leipzig apartment in 1847 and his last home is now a museum.

  • Leaping Leipzig - 7 of 20

    Leaping Leipzig

    "Mrs. Johann Sebastian Bach" is a tour guide.

  • Leaping Leipzig - 8 of 20

    Leaping Leipzig

    The Gewandhaus, the modern concert hall that embodies Leipzig's ongoing tradition as a city of music.

  • Leaping Leipzig - 9 of 20

    Leaping Leipzig

    Leipzig's Old Stock Exchange, with a statue of author Johann Wolfgang Goethe in the foreground. Goethe studied in Leipzig between 1765 and 1768.

  • Leaping Leipzig - 10 of 20

    Leaping Leipzig

    Signage for the popular Auerbachs Keller, a wine bar that Goethe made famous when he used it as a setting for a scene in his drama, "Faust."

  • Leaping Leipzig - 11 of 20

    Leaping Leipzig

    Historic buildings on the Market Square in Leipzig. The building at the far right is the 16th century Old Weigh House.

  • Leaping Leipzig - 12 of 20

    Leaping Leipzig

    The 16th century Old Town Hall in Leipzig, on the Market Square.

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    Leaping Leipzig

    Leipzig's Old Stock Exchange.

  • Leaping Leipzig - 14 of 20

    Leaping Leipzig

    Buildings in Leipzig reflect a diversity of architectural styles, even in the historic center of town.

  • Leaping Leipzig - 15 of 20

    Leaping Leipzig

    The Riquet building, a historic coffee house in Leipzig's Old Town.

  • Leaping Leipzig - 16 of 20

    Leaping Leipzig

    Specks Hof, a century-old arcade with recent artwork meant to amuse.

  • Leaping Leipzig - 17 of 20

    Leaping Leipzig

    The Leipzig Hochhaus, the city's tallest building and now considered a landmark, is located in the city's Old Town. Hochhaus means high rise, and the building originated as a university building.

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    Leaping Leipzig

    Memorial pillar honoring the peaceful 1989 revolution that cast off communist control in East Germany and led to German reunification. The revolution started in Leipzig.

  • Leaping Leipzig - 19 of 20

    Leaping Leipzig

    There's "a lot going on" in Leipzig in the way of construction, as evidenced by this site, photographed in 2011, next to the Old Town.

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    Leaping Leipzig

    New university buildings in Leipzig's Old Town include this architecture reminiscent of a church and designed to recall a historic church destroyed by East German communists.

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