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  • What's New, What's Hot: July 2013 - 1 of 6

    What's New, What's Hot: July 2013

    What's New, What's Hot is Travel Weekly's look at useful and fun travel gadgets, edited by Joe Rosen. First up, the Scratch Map World Traveler poster-sized world map. Simply scratch off the gold foil covering the places you have been or want to go. Once uncovered, the countries will be revealed in color on the map. Inveterate travelers will have a lot of colorful map to display and, hopefully, more to come. It should go without saying that this global peep show is suitable for framing.

  • What's New, What's Hot: July 2013 - 2 of 6

    What's New, What's Hot: July 2013

    Lipault's two-wheeled carry-on features two comfortable handles, so it can be hand-carried like an oversize purse. Lightweight and durable, the bag sports its own luggage tag, a mono-tube retractable handle and a slip-over strap for doubling up on a larger piece of luggage. Water-resistant and fully lined, the duffel measures 10 by 10 by 20 inches, and the depth of its main zipped pocket is 10 inches. It also offers a zipped accessory exterior pocket. This bag comes in several eye-catching colors, among them chocolate, fuchsia, purple and aqua.

  • What's New, What's Hot: July 2013 - 3 of 6

    What's New, What's Hot: July 2013

    Crumpler's Medium Spring Peeper is 12.6 by 9 by 21.6 inches and comes in brown, black or blue. Utility is the calling card of this two-wheeled, water-resistant satchel, what with multiple storage areas that include a 40-liter zippered main compartment, a bifurcated zippered mesh pocket, a "wet pocket" to separate damp items from your other apparel and dual-strap compression to keep your folded things in place. Linking carry handles, a detachable strap with shoulder pad and a three-position, twin-tube handle complete the picture.

  • What's New, What's Hot: July 2013 - 4 of 6

    What's New, What's Hot: July 2013

    The hipKey device is designed to enable you to keep track of your carry-ons, backpacks, car keys, even your children by interacting with your smartphone. A three-quarter-moon-shaped disc tiny enough to be attached to an item (or child) of your choice, hipKey will alert you when you have left something important behind, when an object has been moved or wanders (in the case of a child) beyond a preset boundary or when a specific item is moved from a stationary position.

  • What's New, What's Hot: July 2013 - 5 of 6

    What's New, What's Hot: July 2013

    Another cool way to track your valuables, both human and inanimate, is to literally tag them by wirelessly connecting the iFi Smart Tag key fob to an iFi free app on an iPhone 4s or 5, Android phone, iPad 3 or Mini. Once items are tagged, an alarm will sound on the tag and on the phone when they are separated. In addition, the tag will beep if you forget to take your phone with you. If you somehow leave your valuables behind anyway, the iFi system will send you an email with the GPS coordinates of the lost items or phone.

  • What's New, What's Hot: July 2013 - 6 of 6

    What's New, What's Hot: July 2013

    Attach the stickers in this Travel Lost & Found Kit to your valuables while traveling and feel confident that you have a reasonably good chance to recover whatever you might lose in transit. Each tag is coded so that your identity remains confidential, but when scanned by a finder with a smartphone you will be alerted to its whereabouts. They kit includes two large tags with straps, one medium tag with a stainless steel ring, two adhesive tags for cellphones and the like, and two adhesive tags for power cords.

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