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  • What's New, What's Hot: May 2014 - 1 of 5

    What's New, What's Hot: May 2014

    What's New, What's Hot is Travel Weekly's look at useful and fun travel gadgets, edited by Joe Rosen. First up is the Optrix PhotoProX iPhone 5 case. Perfect for the traveling photographer, this waterproof and drop-proof housing offer four interchangeable lenses to fit virtually all photographic contingencies: macro, telephoto, fisheye and flat (for underwater photography). A case leash, lens cloth and padded lens case complete the picture.

  • What's New, What's Hot: May 2014 - 2 of 5

    What's New, What's Hot: May 2014

    The Chick on the Go Travel Kit comprises a clutch-size case that opens into a garment bag containing five garments and two accessories that can be mixed and matched to create 25 different outfits. The five garments are a black wide-leg pant; a black slip dress; an off-white, long sleeve V-neck shirt; an off-white tank top; and a black poncho that can be worn as a shirt or a skirt. Also included: a black sash and an off-white sash, both of which can be used as a belt, scarf or a headband. Sorry men, nothing for you ... yet.

  • What's New, What's Hot: May 2014 - 3 of 5

    What's New, What's Hot: May 2014

    Another get-about-with-less travel accoutrement, the Same Sky Hope Necklace can easily sport six different looks: a long necklace; a knot necklace; a bold, multi-loop bracelet; a "choker," with two closely wound strands fitting around a neck; a looped belt; and a layered necklace with two loosely wound strands around the neck. The 38- to 39-inch necklaces, which are hand-crocheted in Rwanda, feature hand-blown glass beads, smaller seed beads, a non-stretch cord and a magnetic closure.

  • What's New, What's Hot: May 2014 - 4 of 5

    What's New, What's Hot: May 2014

    This sturdy bag is an eye-catcher, employing for its colorful look the works of artists engaged by Sakroots to create prints that are "laid back, cheerful and fun." This duffel, measuring 24 by 7 by 15 inches, comes equipped with an adjustable and removable cross-body strap; a zippered back pocket; and three interior pockets, one of them zippered. The top is a soft canvas, while the bottom is a coated canvass. Weighing only one pound, it is versatile enough to be used as an overnighter or even a capacious gym bag.

  • What's New, What's Hot: May 2014 - 5 of 5

    What's New, What's Hot: May 2014

    This personal cooling kit, small enough for dealing with heat waves, tired feet, pain, muscle strains and hot flashes while you're on the go, stays cold for up to 12 hours. Moreover, the soft, cooling, palm-size gel packs stored in the Coldfront case can be cooled again by replacing them in the case for 20 minutes. The product, incidentally, is TSA-approved for travel when in its frozen state.

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