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  • Bucket list brigade - 1 of 16

    Bucket list brigade

    What's on your bucket list? What are the places you want to visit, or perhaps revisit, before you kick the bucket? That's what we asked numerous people involved in various facets of the travel industry, most seasoned travelers who have spent more hours in airplanes, airports and airline lounges than they care to count. Pictured here, the Great Wall of China. The country topped the list with five picks, by Kevin Froemming, Playa Hotels & Resorts; Barry Liben, Travel Leaders Group; Johnny Jet,; and Jack Richards, Pleasant Holidays.

  • Bucket list brigade - 2 of 16

    Bucket list brigade

    Our next five slides had two picks each. Shown here, a vintage car in Cuba. The island destination was the top choice for Frank Del Rio, Prestige Holdings, and Jason Lasecki, formerly Disney Cruise Line and currently Ford Motor Co.

  • Bucket list brigade - 3 of 16

    Bucket list brigade

    Machu Picchu, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1983 and one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, was top choice for Steve Loucks, Travel Leaders Group, and Patrick Fragale, Protravel International.

  • Bucket list brigade - 4 of 16

    Bucket list brigade

    South Africa made it to the top of the list for Jackie Friedman, Nexion, and Tim Mullen, Travel Impressions. Pictured here, the Johannesburg skyline.

  • Bucket list brigade - 5 of 16

    Bucket list brigade

    Costa Rica was first choice for Apple Vacations' Jeff Mullen, while Cocos Island off of Costa Rica was first for Alex Zozaya, Apple Leisure Group.

  • Bucket list brigade - 6 of 16

    Bucket list brigade

    Luxury travel adviser Bill Fischer, said he had no bucket list, but said if offering options for a family bucket list, Paris would be top choice: "No one ever forgets his or her first trip to Paris." It was also top choice for Monica Drake, New York Times travel section editor.

  • Bucket list brigade - 7 of 16

    Bucket list brigade

    When asked what's there in the Maldives, the top place on his bucket list, Royal Caribbean Cruises Chairman Richard Fain explained, "Nothing. Absolutely nothing. It's off the radar."

  • Bucket list brigade - 8 of 16

    Bucket list brigade

    Roger Block, Travel Leaders Franchise Group, hopes to someday be one of the more than 37,000 annual visitors to Antarctica, his top bucket list choice.

  • Bucket list brigade - 9 of 16

    Bucket list brigade

    Croatia's Dalmatian coast, pictured here, the Maldives and Morocco top the list for Kayak CEO Steve Hafner.

  • Bucket list brigade - 10 of 16

    Bucket list brigade

    A sail around Sardinia, beginning with a visit to the capital city of Cagliari, followed by a yacht trip along the coastline and a stay at the Hotel Cala Di Volpe is on Corporation for Public Broadcasting's Patricia Harrison's list, along with visits to sites mentioned in "The Leopard," written by Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa and set in Sicily, pictured here.

  • Bucket list brigade - 11 of 16

    Bucket list brigade

    Sandals Resorts International's Adam Stewart envisions Whistler, British Columbia, in the winter. "It's the opposite of where I work," he said of Whistler. "They sell snow; we sell sunshine. When it comes to vacations, I like to slow down, get off the beaten path and enjoy the solitude that nature has to offer. I imagine that cross-country skiing in Whistler's back country would be marvelous."

  • Bucket list brigade - 12 of 16

    Bucket list brigade

    Morocco topped the list for Dan Sullivan Jr., Collette. Pictured here, Ait Benhaddou in Ouarzazate.

  • Bucket list brigade - 13 of 16

    Bucket list brigade

    Though surrounded by sand on a daily basis, St. Lucia Tourist Board's Louis Lewis dreams of a different kind of sand with his top pick of Egypt. Pictured, the Great Sphinx of Giza.

  • Bucket list brigade - 14 of 16

    Bucket list brigade

    Tibet topped the list of Insight Cuba's Tom Popper. Pictured here, Potala Palace in Lhasa.

  • Bucket list brigade - 15 of 16

    Bucket list brigade

    Besides Australia (Sydney Harbor pictured), John Caldwell, MLT Vacations, echoed Travel Weekly's Arnie Weissmann with dreams of heading into space. "To see Earth from space would truly be the trip of a lifetime," Caldwell said. "Ever since I was a kid, traveling in space captured my imagination more than anything else.

  • Bucket list brigade - 16 of 16

    Bucket list brigade

    Tuscany, Italy, with its wine region and many World Heritage Sites, topped the list of Suzie Mills, Trump International Hotel & Tower New York.

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