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Fire up your thinking. These series of articles draws on exclusive interviews with leaders and experts throughout the business world to help you direct your company with more insight and imagination.

  • In business, small daily wins have enormous power

    According to the science of habit formation and disruption, you can’t get rid of habits. That’s the bad news. The good news, for individuals and companies, is that they can be changed. A new book by Charles Duhigg, a Pulitzer prize-winning investigative reporter for The New York Times, covers the impact of habits on individuals and on a company’s bottom line. More»

  • CharlesDuhigg
    Habits. How to break bad ones and grow good ones

    Habits. On both personal and organizational levels some of them are persistently pesky while others form the foundation of success. Charles Duhigg, a Pulitzer prize-winning investigative reporter for The New York Times, took a deep dive into the science of habits in researching his new book. In it he examines why habits exist and how they can be changed. More»

  • Walgreens' Digital Maven Says Speed Is Key

    Travel industry companies would do well to take a page from Walgreens on the rapid application of digital media to everything from customer service to new product development. “Speed is key,” says Walgreens’ Rich Lesperance. “There's not a lot of time to wait for the future.” More»

  • RichLesperanceWalgreens
    How Walgreens’ Digital Marketing Group Translates Innovation Into Action

    Rich Lesperance is the guy Walgreens brought in four-and-a-half years ago to create and launch the company’s first-ever digital marketing group. Lesperance spoke with Travel Weekly PLUS about insights for the travel industry in how digital technology is redefining marketing, customer service, and product development at Walgreens, almost at the speed of light. More»

  • 73% of Travel CEOs Want to Individualize Customer Interactions

    CEOs around the world share a common short-range business imperative to individualize their engagement with customers, according to a recent IBM study. Travel industry CEOs are no exception, and many are examining social media channels as a tool toward that end — including an airline working on selling seats via Facebook. Read more. More»

  • 43% of Online Consumers Want Your Marketing via Email

    Travel marketing via the email channel is preferred by 43% of online consumers. But travel marketers need to get rid of batch-and-blast emails and personalize their marketing messages or risk alienating their customers, says ExactTarget’s Jeff Rohrs. More»

  • ConnellyHS
    Changing consumer priorities examined in new Ford report

    The world is awash in a constant surge of new ideas about society, culture, technology, the environment and the economy — all of which are reshaping what consumers want and expect from brands. As the global head of trends and futuring for Ford Motor Company it’s Sheryl Connelly’s job to stay on top of those ideas. They’ve been compiled in a report outlining 10 trends that are reshaping how consumers interact with brands. More»

  • Business strategy. It’s much more than a C-suite exercise

    Strategy is not a simple or theoretical endeavor. It requires leadership, creativity and courage. And it demands participation on every level of a business organization that results in a top-to bottom set of coherent choices.  Business-strategy expert Roger Martin, who co-wrote Playing to Win with A.G. Lafley, chairman and CEO of Proctor & Gamble, covers the practicalities of creating a winning strategy. More»

  • How to tap into China’s booming travel market

    Compared with Europe and the U.S., China’s travel market is significantly bigger, younger, more optimistic, and a whole lot hungrier to travel. The travel behavior, attitudes, and expectations of Chinese travelers are examined in depth in The China Consumer Travel Report, a comprehensive study produced by PhoCusWright Inc. More»

  • DouglasQuinby
    The Chinese travel market: A quarter billion strong, and growing

    China’s leisure traveler population is a quarter-billion strong and growing. The market trends young, optimistic about the future, and hungry for travel. They want to see it all, do it all. In short, as outlined in a comprehensive "China Consumer Travel Report" from PhoCusWright, both the market and the opportunities for global travel providers who want to serve it are enormous. More»

  • PaulOyerHS
    All about markets and money — from an online dating perspective

    When Paul Oyer got back into the dating scene after 20 years he found himself in an unfamiliar milieu dominated by online dating sites. So he did the only thing a self-respecting recently single economist could do: he applied the market principles he had spent a lifetime studying to understand and navigate the terrain. His experiences are in a new book that illustrates key economic and business principles every business person should know. More»

  • Carville
    James Carville on Why Travel Industry Leaders Should Care about the Middle Class

    James Carville, feisty and relentlessly direct political strategist and commentator, shares insights on the impact of the shrinking U.S. middle class on travel derived from his newest book, It’s the Middle Class Stupid! More»

  • MapQuest: Looking for a Few Good Partners

    Remember when MapQuest was the place to go for driving directions? If the company’s current expansion strategy is successful, MapQuest could become the hottest new place to go for a full spectrum of travel activities including research, bookings, social sharing, and more. And the company wants to partner with suppliers in pursuit of its goals. More»

  • MapQuest Plans ‘Drumbeat’ of New Products, Partnerships

    Keep an eye on MapQuest. General Manager Brian McMahon promises “a drumbeat” of new products and partnerships over the next six months as the site transforms itself into a full-service digital travel provider. The white-label booking capability via Priceline is already getting what McMahon describes as “multithousand-dollar” upscale vacation bookings. More»

  • Apple, Google, Facebook: you need to play nice with them

    There’s no doubt that major players like Google, Facebook, MapQuest, Microsoft and Twitter all have a stake in the travel ecosystem. And, says travel tech expert Norm Rose, there’s no avoiding their impact on the industry and on consumer patterns in all phases of the travel experience, which means travel providers and intermediaries need to pay attention to what they’re up to.   More»

  • NormRoseStanding
    Apple’s iBeacon could transform travel. Are you ready?

    Whoever owns the itinerary owns the trip. In the not-too-distant future travelers will be walking around with their own ultra-connected personal networks, via mobile and/or wearable devices. iBeacon will become a transformative force in travel. Those are just a few of the potentially reality-altering trends every travel business should keep careful watch over this year. Travel tech expert Norm Rose looks at how Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft and others are transforming travel. More»

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  • Consumer media discover that travel agents do exist

    "Contrary to some thoughts, travel agents do exist ... We are usually able to get clients better prices, and we know we can see that clients have better experiences. And as our personal motto is: Our Service Travels With You."


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