Special Needs Group adding more on-shore locations

By Michelle Baran
CruiseWorld and Home Based Agent ShowFORT LAUDERDALE -- Special Needs Group, a company that specializes in providing equipment for disabled travelers, said it is actively adding more on-shore locations.

CEO Andrew Garnett explained to a group of travel agents here at the Travel Weekly CruiseWorld and Home Based Agent Show that Special Needs Group, which owns the brand Special Needs at Sea, has been more focused on providing accessible equipment for cruise ship passengers and in major cruise ports,

But when asked about on-shore locations, Garnett responded that "our strengths are in cruise port cities, but we can expand that."

He added that the company is constantly growing its roster of destinations where it is making equipment available beyond just major cruise ports. For instance, Special Needs Group has an agreement in place with Peabody Hotel in Orlando, Fla.

Special Needs Group owns 99% of its equipment inventory, Garnett said. It rents the equipment to clients who want to travel.

The hardware available includes mobility equipment (wheelchairs, transport chairs, scooters, power chairs, walkers, rollators and beach wheelchairs); stateroom equipment (shower chairs, commode chairs, hospital beds, patient lifts and recliners); and oxygen equipment.

He advised agents attending the seminar who asked about additional destinations to check the company's website, Specialneedsgroup.com, for availability. But he also advised called to check availability, as new destinations might be added more quickly than they can be updated on the site.

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