Orion Expedition Cruises rescues stranded sailor

Orion Expedition Cruises said one of its ships, the MV Orion, made a 60-hour detour to respond to a distress signal from a yachtsman in a life raft off the southern coast of Australia.

Alain Delord, a French sailor, was rescued by Orion on Sunday, about 500 miles nautical miles southwest of Hobart, Tasmania, said the Australian cruise company.

Delord spent three days adrift in the raft, which was the size of a small car, Orion said.

The cruise ship traveled through extreme weather conditions, with very poor visibility to rescue Delord, Orion said.

To view a video of the rescue, click here.

Also, Orion has detailed the rescue on its Facebook page.   This page is protected by Copyright laws. Do Not Copy. Purchase Reprint
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