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  • 2014Magellan410

    Magellan Awards 2014

    This year's judges pored over entries from over 40 states and 12 countries. More»

  • SLSLasVegas-Construction410

    Tradition killers

    Las Vegas' recent boutique-lifestyle emphasis brings a cultural change to Sin City hotels. More»

  • Arctic-Icebergs-FjortendeJulibreenGlacier410

    Polar opposites

    A voyage above the Arctic Circle reveals the dramatic differences between the two ends of the Earth. More»

  • BrandBrando410

    Brand Brando

    Can a resort on an island once owned by a legendary actor deliver on the promise of his mystique? More»

  • CartagenaColombia410

    Raising Colombia's cocaine curtain

    As memories of drug cartels and negative perceptions continue to fade, the country is increasingly focusing on developing its tourism infrastructure. More»

  • 091514BUCKETMAP410

    Bucket list brigade

    We asked a wide variety of inveterate travelers, charter members of the been-there/done-that crowd, what single destination they most wanted to visit before they kick the bucket. Their answers covered the planet and beyond. More»

  • ShirDorMadrassah-RegistanSquare-SamarkandUzbekistan410

    Exploring the 'Stans

    Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan: Though firmly bound by their shared history, each of these five independent nations has its own distinct identity. More»

  • PolarBear-Greenland410

    Global disruption

    Environment advocates and travel professionals agree that climate change offers the industry both serious challenges and rare opportunities. More»

  • HollandAmericaLine-StageShow410

    All the sea's a stage

    Larger ships and new technologies have enabled cruise lines to move entertainment from boas and high-steppers to onboard extravaganzas. How long can the shows remain free? More»

  • 081114ConsumerTrends410

    2014 Consumer Trends

    Travel Weekly's annual survey of leisure travelers reveals what travel agency clients — and potential clients — are buying. And from whom. More»

  • 080414SOCIALMEDIA410

    How the industry engages

    Social media efforts by two hoteliers, a tour operator, an airline, a cruise line and a DMO reveal that travel companies are taking myriad approaches to their digital marketing efforts. More»

  • 072814hipDC410X232

    District of Cool-umbia

    An influx of 20- and 30-somethings has breathed new life into the capital's dining and nightlife scenes, offering visitors an array of experiences beyond Washington's traditional attractions. More»

  • CityCenter-LasVegas410

    Improving the odds: CityCenter rides out dicey beginning

    In the largest gamble ever on a private development in the U.S., MGM Resorts and Dubai World risked everything to make CityCenter happen. Now it's time to reap their reward. More»

  • StrasbourgFrance410

    France's enduring allure

    With a commanding lead as the world's most visited country, France focuses on increasing tourism revenue and dispelling negative perceptions. More»

  • Vietnam-NamHaiBeachResort-Pool410

    Vietnam comes a long way

    The country has moved past the turmoil of the last century to make way for a thriving tourism industry. More»

  • Antarctica-QuarkExpeditions-ShoreExcursions-Zodiacs410

    Frozen splendor

    A trip to Antarctica is a journey to an ice- and snow-covered land of extraordinary beauty and what might well be the last unspoiled place on the planet. More»

  • 062314POWERLIST_410X232

    2014 Power List

    Two online titans, Expedia and Priceline, dominated, separated by just a few hundred million dollars.

  • 061614LGBTcover

    Go or no? Should LGBT travelers visit hostile places?

    Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people find the world is becoming more accepting. Yet there remain reasons for concern when traveling to many destinations. More»

  • 060914MOREFISH_410x232

    Caribbean cruising: More fish in a shrinking pond

    The quest for cruise share in the region has resulted in unbridled inventory growth and increasingly squeezed margins. More»

  • TW0602FAIRSHARE_410X232

    Collaborative economy rises, with challenges

    The sharing economy — selling access to one's home or car — is forcing governments and the travel industry to deal with safety, taxes and myriad other tricky issues. More»

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  • Consumer media discover that travel agents do exist

    "Contrary to some thoughts, travel agents do exist ... We are usually able to get clients better prices, and we know we can see that clients have better experiences. And as our personal motto is: Our Service Travels With You."


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