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    Racing down the runway

    Runway runs are popular community events at smaller airports in the U.S., but are hard to stage in Europe, where runway capacity is seriously constrained at major airports. In a rare move, Budapest Airport closed one of its normally active Continue Reading»

  • Foot-dragging explained

    After years of delay, the EPA finally gave aviation a deadline for lower emissions... More»

  • By all means, pass Go!

    The scheduled closing of Atlantic City's Trump Plaza hotel and casino this week... More»

  • More begetting?

    Whatever the aftershocks, the marriage of Norwegian and Prestige is an OK union... More»

  • Getting it done

    Here's the short version of a story involving the government and travel agents... More»

  • The NCF sniff test

    Disney Cruise Line may have stubbed its toe with its recent pronouncement on... More»

  • Share the air?

    Some sharing-economy ideas are great. Hitching rides on private planes is not... More»

  • Apologies to Stephen

    With apologies to Stephen Colbert, our own Tip of the Hat/Wag of the Finger... More»

  • Legislative failures

    The Cruise Passenger Protection Act is a bad bill born of one U.S. senator's... More»

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  • Consumer media discover that travel agents do exist

    "Contrary to some thoughts, travel agents do exist ... We are usually able to get clients better prices, and we know we can see that clients have better experiences. And as our personal motto is: Our Service Travels With You."


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