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Continuing our commitment to provide the travel advisor community with the tools to succeed, Arch RoamRight has published The Travel Insurance Playbook for 2020, which provides actionable insights into the travel community and their purchasing habits, particularly in relation to travel insurance.

Based on more than 17,000 survey responses, travel professionals’ intelligence and years of experience in the travel insurance industry, The Travel Insurance Playbook for 2020 helps you:

  • Get a better picture of the typical person who purchases travel insurance and how they decide to purchase this important aspect of travel.
  • Understand travel trends and predictions for 2020.
  • Discover how travel insurance works for different individuals, such as small business owners or families traveling with infants.
  • Read case studies of situations where travelers were faced with real-life scenarios and needed help from their travel insurance provider.
  • Hear from other travel advisors and learn how they built their businesses and inform their travelers of the benefits of travel insurance.

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Request your complimentary copy of The Travel Insurance Playbook for 2020 from Arch RoamRight. As a leader in the travel insurance industry, Arch RoamRight is uniquely positioned to help you protect your customers' trips with travel insurance. To request your playbook, visit

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As a trusted travel insurance provider for many advisors and tour operators, Arch RoamRight is wholly dedicated to providing our travel advisor partners with exceptional products and services. Our consultative approach helps travel advisors optimize their travel insurance conversion rates through a combination of training, marketing and technology.

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