The Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel

The right place at the right pace...
the moment your clients have been waiting for

Know The Feeling

In the right place at the right pace, minutes can turn into hours. Your clients can know that feeling on The Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel, where they’ll find many ways to reconnect with nature and be inspired. Located in Southwest Florida on the Gulf of Mexico, this easygoing community has more than 100 islands, plus natural environments like mangrove forests, tranquil waterways and over 50 miles of natural pristine white-sand beaches. When your clients are ready to travel, show them how a trip here can take them away.

Natural Wonders
It starts with natural surroundings that puts minds at ease while putting space between your clients and the rest of the world. Dozens of islands, each with its own unique personality and signature eco-system, dot the coastline, providing visitors with ample room to play in the surf and dig their toes in the sand. A day trip with a local boat tour provider is a great way to explore and find a favorite local souvenir—seashells. Every day creates a shell-collecting experience different from the day before as the changes in tide or shoreline reveal new specimens. Some favorite spots for shelling include Sanibel and Captiva Islands, as well as Bonita Beach Park and the sparsely populated sanctuary Cayo Costa State Park—home to nine miles of natural shoreline, hiking trails and campsites, which is how Florida looked centuries ago.

Active in the Great Outdoors
For those seeking wide open spaces and fun activities, the abundance of natural environments in the area invites visitors to explore and enjoy.  Some of the most beautiful locations in Southwest Florida are only accessible by boat. Visitors can step from dock to deck and cruise to laid-back communities or stretches of coastline left to nature’s influence, all while dolphins play in their boat wake. At Lover's Key State Park just south of Fort Myers Beach, fishing and cast-netting is popular with all ages, while the U.S.S. Mohawk, located 28 nautical miles off of Sanibel Island, is an ideal site for diving, along with more than two dozen human-made artificial reef sites dotting the area. And The Great Calusa Blueway, a 190-mile water trail flush with birds and wildlife, is a must for paddleboarding, canoeing and kayaking.

Foodie Faves
Wide-open spaces and beautiful outdoor settings encourage visitors to relax and enjoy the bounty of the sea and land after days of lounging and leisure. From beach-casual seafood joints overlooking the water to sumptuous and high-end candlelit dining to dinner cruises at sunset, the area serves up options to suit any taste and any budget. A number of independent restaurants thrive throughout the region, where creative chefs celebrate the bounty of local foods, such as seafood and tropical fruits, or the cuisine of their homelands. In some cases, it's a blend of both. In walkable, charming downtown Fort Myers, visitors can combine dining with the arts, as live bands regularly take to the stage. More than a dozen area microbreweries and distilleries lend a local flavor to evenings out.


When the time is right, we invite your clients to feel safe, inspired and excited to join us on The Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel. Here they can take advantage of every second of sun in Southwest Florida and find the right pace for their vacation: Slow down on the beach, go full speed in the water, ramp up for a night under the downtown lights. We encourage our visitors and locals to follow health and safety recommendations, practice social distancing and avoid congregating in large groups. Get health and safety updates here.


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