Stay Connected to Los Cabos

The resiliency of Los Cabos is defined by its landscapes, shaped over thousands of years, and shines through its people. It’s a reminder that even in rough conditions, strength and beauty always emerge.

Embrace the resilient spirit of Los Cabos through Cabo at Home, a collection of virtual experiences that connects your clients to the natural beauty and welcoming community of Los Cabos. When it’s time, Los Cabos will be awaiting their return.

Cabo at Home highlights the passionate entrepreneurs, tastemakers and artisans that shape Los Cabos into the vibrant place it is today. It honors the connection that is formed with the land and with people while bringing the same natural warmth and feeling of connection that your clients experience when visiting Los Cabos.

    Whether it’s culinary tutorials, snapshots of adventures in Los Cabos, virtual gallery tours or videos of the talented artists in the community, Cabo at Home is a way to connect to the flavors, sights and feelings of Los Cabos until your clients can safely return again.

      Invite your clients to discover Los Cabos virtually, where recipes—including the irresistible Cape toast from the Cape Hotel and tomato salad and tuna sashimi from local restaurant chef Angel—make regular appearances on social media and the Los Cabos blog. For your clients interested in wellness, yoga, meditation and workout videos introduce self-care, Los Cabos style.

      From videos of the picture-perfect sunsets to the distinct cuisine of the region, the spirit of Los Cabos comes alive through these virtual experiences. Inspire your clients to discover more about the Baja region and uncover the resiliency of Los Cabos and its people until it’s time to plan their return.


      Nature is essential to the way of life in Los Cabos, but it’s the passionate community that provides your clients with impeccable service and the feeling of connection, whether in a restaurant or on an exhilarating adventure. Introduce your clients to the people of Los Cabos, and when it’s time, the community will welcome your clients back with open arms.


      In a place where the Pacific Ocean collides with the Sea of Cortez, your clients can count on laid-back adventures by sea, such as scuba diving, paddle boarding, jet skiing, snorkeling and more. For insight into the types of adventures in Los Cabos, follow along on social media and enjoy thrilling activity inspiration.