National Geographic Journeys with G Adventures Specialist Program

New four-part course arms agents with in-depth knowledge of National Geographic Journeys, a collection of small-group trips offered in partnership with G Adventures.

Why Become a National Geographic Journeys Specialist?

Agents will come away from the one-hour course with an understanding of what makes National Geographic Journeys and Family Journeys unique, examples of the culturally immersive activities that set these trips apart, information and research on the target traveler, tools to identify top prospects and more.

Learn What Makes National Geographic Journeys Unique
These aren’t your average small group trips. National Geographic Journeys and G Adventures have teamed up to create 80 itineraries in 52 countries that focus on culturally-immersive experiences, hands-on activities and community-based encounters that foster a connection to the world around them. The Specialist Program ensures that agents understand and can communicate how unique these tours are for all kinds of travelers. A special module will also focus on Family Journeys, trips specifically for adventure-loving travelers with children.

Tips and Tools to Help Target Travelers
Agents who complete the Specialist Program will have access to tools and specific research that will help them target and sell to the Journeys traveler. Core traveler demographics including travel interests and booking preferences as well as selling and marketing tips, sample itineraries and agent resources exclusive to National Geographic Journeys and Family Journeys will be provided to agents, helping agents to target travelers and make bookings.

Ease and Flexibility
The hour-long Specialist Program is organized into four “learning modules” and can be accessed from any desktop or mobile device at any time, making it flexible and adaptable for all schedules. The program includes videos, quizzes and a final test that are designed to boost travel professionals’ product knowledge and selling power.

About National Geographic Journeys with G Adventures

National Geographic Journeys and Family Journeys trips are offered in partnership with G Adventures. They blend fun, hands-on exploration, meaningful encounters with people and cultures, and more free time and choices—all with the structure and security of traveling in a small group at an unbeatable value.


Families can discover the world together on the National Geographic Family Journeys with G Adventures collection of trips. Featuring itineraries with pre-trip and on-trip activities inspired by National Geographic's expertise in photography and storytelling, wildlife, culture, history and geography, these trips let families connect with the world and each other.

For more information on the National Geographic Journeys Specialist Program, visit or [email protected]