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A lot might have changed, but Happy Tours remains the same: your trusted European Travel Partner.

Discover Slovenia: Diversity at Your Fingertips

One of the smallest yet most diverse European countries, Slovenia has everything that big nations have—but more conveniently packed. This is also the country where the story of Happy Tours started. Discover it with us.

Happy Tours has grown as a family company and is now celebrating 20 years of business. With several offices around Europe, skilled staff and an in-house developed IT system, we remain your trusted European partner, even in this "new reality." We have our own coaches and, as of last year, even a hotel: Lyra, the first modern four-star hotel in Plitvice, Croatia.

    The original home of Happy Tours is Slovenia. This small yet cosmopolitan country is surrounded by much more internationally well-known countries: Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia. It is one of the countries with direct access to the Adriatic Sea. Although only half the size of Switzerland, the country boasts beautiful and diverse nature, showcasing Europe's varied wonders and environments. Short distances between diverse landscapes make you feel that everything is within your grasp. It is also one of the safest countries in all aspects, including health. Slovenia was the first country to declare the end of the Covid-19 epidemic in Europe.

      The country has numerous must-see places, among them the charming capital of Ljubljana; the coastal town of Piran; the biggest European cave, Postojna Cave; and Bled, with a picture-perfect lake and the emerald green Soča River.


      The Lyra Plitvice is a four-star design hotel set in relaxing green surroundings in the close vicinity of Plitvice Lakes. Designed with the needs of the 21st-century traveller in mind, it’s a perfect getaway from which to explore this fascinating part of Europe.

      Learn more about Lyra Hotel Plitvice here.


      At Happy Tours, we have always worked toward making the world a better place. Thus, sustainability plays an important role in our mission. Our most recent achievement is the Green Key award for Lyra Hotel Plitvice. This is the leading standard for excellence in the field of environmental responsibility and sustainable operations within the tourism industry.

      At Happy Tours, we are always at your disposal for itineraries throughout Europe. With offices in London, Athens, Croatia and Slovenia as well as sales support, we remain your trusted European partner.

      Visit us at www.happytours.eu or contact us at [email protected].