Los Cabos' 23400 District

Experience the magic in the culinary heart of San José del Cabo.


With every bite, the spirit of Los Cabos shines through. In San José del Cabo’s 23400 District, expert chefs create unique, flavorful cuisine in endless forms. Culinary influences from around the world fuse with local farm-fresh ingredients. It’s a community of artists and innovators that welcomes food lovers from all walks of life.

Tasty Tuesdays
The best of San José del Cabo’s food scene is on display at this weekly event. Each Tuesday, restaurants feature a fixed menu of two to three signature dishes for a set price, giving guests the opportunity to eat like a local would and connect with the culinary community.

Street Food
The spirit of San José del Cabo lives in its streets. The same goes for some of its best flavors. The city shows off its culinary mastery through open-air stalls and food trucks, serving up delicious street food and small bites. 

Fusion San José
Bringing together both local and international chefs in one place, Fusion San José is a space for cultures to merge. This event highlights the wealth of diversity, variety and creativity waiting to be tasted in Los Cabos.

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Safer Way to Get Away

Our rigorous health and safety protocols helped Los Cabos become the first destination in the world to achieve Sharecare health security verification. This means travelers can feel at ease knowing Los Cabos puts their well-being first.

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