Ocean Cay: A Hidden Gem to Discover in The Bahamas

MSC Cruises’ Ocean Cay is brought to life with a vision of bringing guests closer to nature to discover the importance of preserving the oceans and coral reefs that surround this paradise of an island.

Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve

Surrounded by 64 square miles of marine reserve, MSC Cruises’ guests can discover local marine life, soak up the spirit of Bahamian culture and reconnect with themselves and each other. www.mscoceancay.com

What Is Ocean Cay?
Located in The Bahamas, 65 miles from Miami, the private island features endless sweeping vistas of crystal-blue waters and over two miles of pristine beachfront, allowing guests to connect with the natural environment and immerse themselves in the warmth, fun and hospitality inspired by the Bahamian spirit.

What Makes it Unique?
At night, the island comes alive at the 100-foot-tall red and white lighthouse, where guests can enjoy cocktails and food with live music from Bahamian artists and DJs. They then partake in memorable evening activities with breathtaking views, such as a traditional high-energy Junkanoo parade, an incredible lighthouse light show, glow night-time paddle boarding, beachside stargazing and a sunset picnic just before the ship’s evening departure.

Water Activities
With more than two miles of pristine sand spread across eight world-class beaches, guests can discover the island’s natural beauty and breathtaking views of clear Bahamian waters with a wide selection of ocean discovery activities like deep-sea fishing, snorkeling adventures, stand-up paddle boarding (SUP), kayaking, shipwreck snorkeling, stingray adventures, scuba diving and scenic boat rides to nearby islands.

A family-friendly experience awaits guests at the Seakers Family Cove, a paradise for kids with a shallow lagoon and a beautiful beach, plus games created for children of all ages and organized by the MSC Cruises Kids Club staff. Kids can participate in the fun discovery of Ocean Cay’s natural beauty through sandcastle contests, kite flying, treasure hunts, family beachside stargazing, a Bahama Bank Escape family tour and a family sporting challenge.


MSC Cruises has transformed Ocean Cay into a private island destination within a flourishing marine reserve. MSC Foundation, in collaboration with a team of scientists and environmental experts, is identifying hardy species of coral, also known as “Super Coral,” that have proven to have survived extreme ocean events. This expert team is also working to establish a research program, coral nursery and bio-center on Ocean Cay focused on finding practical, long-term solutions to ensure the survival of these coral reefs. As part of the island experience, guests will be able to learn about marine life and the important research taking place on Ocean Cay.


  • Evening Lighthouse Show
  • Junkanoo Parade
  • Luna Libre Party
  • Beachside firepits and stargazing
  • Sunset cruise, evening beach picnic

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