PONANT Yacht Cruises & Expeditions

PONANT is the World Leader in Luxury Expeditions with ultra-modern, intimate ships, offering attentive service, and well-designed itineraries sailing to all corners of the globe.

The PONANT Signature Experience

PONANT has been sailing the seas of the world for over 30 years. Every cruise is a blend of adventure, exploration, and discovery — all experienced in luxurious comfort, even in the heart of the most remote regions.

Each year PONANT offers more than 400 awe-inspiring cruises, calling at over 450 ports on all seven continents. From Zodiac® landings in Antarctica to hikes in the Arctic; from immersion in Japanese culture and revisiting classic Europe, to the natural beauty of the Seychelles, PONANT presents these destinations through a new lens.

Guests enjoy French-inspired cuisine designed in partnership with Ducasse Conseil, Alain Ducasse’s restaurant experts, elegant accommodations, and world-class service.

PONANT’S fleet of 12 purpose-built intimate ships welcomes aboard a limited number of passengers, so guests maintain their privacy and enjoy the feeling of being on their own private yacht — able to call at iconic, international ports as well as secret harbors accessible only to smaller-sized ships.

PONANT’S six new EXPLORER ships feature the Blue Eye, a multi-sensory, underwater lounge. In 2021, Le Commandant Charcot will enter service as the first electric-hybrid, luxury polar exploration yacht of its kind, taking guests further into the very heart of the Arctic and the Antarctic.

On a PONANT expedition, guests experience a program of lectures and Zodiac® excursions designed to include world-class naturalists to enhance their appreciation of the destination. The PONANT fleet is a recognized leader in economically sound travel, the only ships in their class to receive “Clean Ship” certification.

The Explorer Class

PONANT launched six new ultra-modern ships with 92 staterooms, all with balconies, specifically designed to create the best expedition cruise experience. For the modern-day explorer, the Blue Eye multi-sensory, underwater lounge, located within the hull of each ship, allows guests to observe the ocean bed and native species while respecting their natural habitat. Each ship has a limited, ever-wider range of destinations, and features a marina platform, so guests can swim and take part in other activities directly from the ship.

PONANT’S Blue Eye Lounge

Making its world debut aboard EXPLORER class ships, the Blue Eye is a multi-sensory, underwater lounge designed so guests may observe the ocean bed and native species while respecting their natural habitat. Located within the hull beneath the water line, the Blue Eye features hydrophones and two large windows, offering the experience of acoustic immersion combined with an extraordinary viewing of the subaquatic world.

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