Variety Cruises
The Mega Yacht Cruise Experience

Discover the difference of specially curated programs with Variety Cruises in worldwide destinations.


The Variety Cruises passion remains unchanged since 1968: an alchemy that blends educational self-enrichment with the intimate exploration of a destination, while enjoying the benefits of small-ship cruising. With personalized service from our knowledgeable crew, delectable cuisine featuring local influences and wonderous excursions, our cruises offer guests an incomparable journey.

Variety Cruises is one of the leading yacht cruise lines worldwide, operating a fleet of 11 fully owned vessels and offering travelers the ultimate yacht cruise experience. With capacities ranging from 5 to 36 cabins, Variety Cruises’ upscale mega-yachts and experiential cruise itineraries embrace each destination by visiting much-loved and unfrequented ports of call in a private, intimate and relaxed environment.

The size of our ships allows us to access smaller ports that larger ships cannot, and offer onboard events and amenities, such as on-deck barbecues and swimming platforms that are not possible on larger vessels. Our cruise directors and expert guides, often native to the destination visited, are well informed about the history, culture and customs of the ports served. Our guests can expect to spend ample time in each port, including overnights, and experience the kind of destination immersion that is exclusive to small group excursions.

The ports visited by our yachts are hand picked to ensure that our guests experience the epitome of that destination. Discover uninhabited, paradisiacal islands in the Seychelles and the natural, unaltered beauty of Iceland, the Land of Fire and Ice. Step into a bygone era of neoclassical architecture in Cuba and through the awesome ruins of Greece. Uncover the wonders of the untamed jungle in Costa Rica and Panama and sail through the intoxicating blue waters of the Adriatic Sea to islands steeped in ancient history.

Regardless of the chosen destination, Variety Cruises offers unparalleled adventures to be had through small-ship cruising!


Variety Cruises' ships also operate private charters for non-profit organizations, Alumni associations, family groups and friendly celebrations. Our programs can be custom tailored to suit the needs of our passengers.

What sets our cruises apart is the tangible presentation of the destination our guests will visit. No waiting in long lines; just step off the ship and be immersed in the culture, history, beauty and welcoming warmth of the destination and its people. Variety Cruises abandons the constraints of large, commercial cruise lines and presents a personalized, creative and entertaining voyage to its guests.

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