Sets Sail

It's time, let's go!

A New Wave of Sailing Is Here

Virgin Voyages is finally setting sail as Scarlet Lady takes to the Caribbean this October. She’s sailing from PortMiami to the Riviera Maya, Dominican Republic and beyond.

It’s time to dive into the water, spend too much time in the sun and live it up in all the vacation outfits that have been tucked away for far too long. Virgin Voyages is making sure their ships, and all the places they go, are ready to safely sail.

Eat and Drink Well

Sailors will eat their hearts out on-board. From steakhouses, to elaborate brunches and an international food market, there’s something tasty and made-to-order for everyone—with a bar in every specialty spot.

Elevated, Even at Sea Level

Sail the Virgin Way with superyacht-inspired cabin designs. It’s more than just a place to sleep, with clever room technology providing the ultimate hideaway spaces for sailing the seven seas. 

No Kids, No Kidding!

The Virgin experience offers thoughtful, adult-by-design spaces and entertainment. All Sailors must be 18+ to come aboard, but all inner-children are welcome. 


The last thing needed on a vacation is a surprise receipt. That’s why there is over $600 of value always included — stay connected with wifi, enjoy all the food from over 20 eateries, service tips and gratuities, group workouts including yoga and cycling, and all basic bevvies are “on-us”! 

Voyage Well

Our Voyage Well plan for tackling COVID 19 outlines our ambitious efforts for redefining health measures at sea, including new industry-leading partnerships with EcoLab and AtmosAir Solutions, and defining all the key points for what Sailors can expect before, during and after their voyage.

Calling All Sea-Blazers

Virgin Voyages is set to revolutionize how we explore the world and the Sailors who join them on board in 2021 are being recognized accordingly — as what they’re calling Sea-Blazers. As a Sea-Blazer, Sailors will be rewarded with unrivaled perks on board and in the future, including:

●      An extra $125 when you purchase a $300 pre-paid bar tab — a promotion that will never go away for Sea-Blazers and will apply for as long as you sail with us

●      $300 off your next sailing in 2022 — no matter what offers you combine it with, including the 10% pay-in-full discount or our exclusive My Next Virgin Voyage discount (which is available on board only) 

●      An exclusive, limited-run welcome gift — just for Sea-Blazers

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Shore Things

Virgin Voyages’ ships are floating sanctuaries. Sailors may never want to leave, but if they choose to, the cruise destinations are great excuses. Painted skies and rolling waves. Secluded beach clubs and sunset island hopping. Meditative mornings and never-ending nights. With a late stay and an overnight on each itinerary, there’s got a path, port, and plan — for any kind of wanderlust.

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