Xanterra Travel Collection

Xanterra Travel Collection is a diverse global travel company that provides access to bucket-list travel destinations around the world, connecting travelers to A World
of Unforgettable Experiences.

One Company. A World of Unforgettable Experiences.

For conscious travelers and explorers who want to satisfy their longing for enrichment, Xanterra Travel Collection provides intimate, immersive experiences around the world. Unlike other travel brands, Xanterra Travel Collection has been operating in legendary destinations for over 150 years, providing up-close access and uncommon expertise for truly exclusive, unforgettable experiences, and we do so while treading carefully with a softer footprint and being mindful of our responsibility to others and to the earth.

Legendary Destinations: From standing atop the ruins of Machu Picchu to sailing the far reaches of the South Pacific, staring in awe as Old Faithful erupts to riding a 1923 Pullman train car to the heart of the Grand Canyon, Xanterra destinations not only include some of the most beautiful, unique, and legendary places in the world, but we’ve been operating in them for 150 years. We don’t just take you there, we operate there, offering an expertise that is not available anywhere else.

In addition to operating lodging and concessions in some of the most iconic national parks in the U.S., Xanterra Travel Collection includes:

The same traveler who cruises on a Windstar Cruise in the Greek Islands may also be interested in booking a biking tour in Spain and a walking experience in Iceland. Closer to home, that same client might enjoy a luxurious stay at the historic, recently renovated AAA Four-Diamond Inn at Death Valley, part of the Oasis at Death Valley, and at our independent gateway hotels at Grand Canyon and Glacier National Parks.

Enriching Experiences: Xanterra doesn’t just take people to see the world, we enable them to really experience it. Across the Xanterra portfolio, we offer unique and personal experiences that truly immerse travelers into unforgettable worlds.

Fulfilling Travel Experiences: Xanterra fulfills a longing to experience new things. We encourage seekers, wanderers, and trailblazers to escape their world in exchange for one of the most beautiful places in ours. They feel fulfilled and alive, more connected to the places they yearn to discover and they do so while respecting their responsibility—and ours—to the environment and our commitment to protecting the places we visit and operate in.


The Xanterra Travel Collection is devoted to working with travel professionals to help you earn commissions while providing your clients with extraordinary experiences.

We pay commissions for the following brands:


Whether your client yearns for an adventure at sea, a biking or walking adventure in breathtaking destinations around the world, a fully escorted tour, a ride in a restored historic train or unrivaled access to our majestic national parks, the Xanterra Travel Collection’s family of companies will help you earn commissions, provide bucket list experiences for your clients, and build customer loyalty.

If you’re a travel advisor who would like to work with us, please fill out the form here and we’ll follow up with you shortly with some options to get you started.

Please view the new Xanterra Travel Collection Travel Advisor Guide to learn more about how you can bring your clients bucket-list experiences while you earn commissions and build loyalty with your trusted customers. Explore the Brochure.