Adventure park unveils Shaka! inner tube ride


HONOLULU -- Hawaiian Waters Adventure Park opened a new inner tube ride this summer called the Shaka!

The ride shoots up to three people down a 40-foot, half-pipe water slide, back up the other side and then back down -- backwards -- to the bottom.

There are no tracks or pullies, just gravity and a steep, wet surface.

A half-pipe is a curved surface resembling the bottom half of a pipe. Half-pipes are used in skateboarding and snowboarding -- and now in water parks.

In this case, the half-pipe is coated with water instead of plywood or snow.

The Shaka! at Hawaiian Waters Adventure Park. A shaka is a local Hawaiian hand gesture using the thumb and pinky finger, which signals good vibrations.

The Shaka! at Hawaiian Waters is suitable for adults and children, according to Julissa Santana, who visited the park with two neph-ews, ages 9 and 11.

"It's was a real rush for me, but I think it was even more fun for them," said Santana, referring to her two nephews.

"It's better if you have an adult on the inner tube with two kids because you get more weight and speed. It all works on gravity," she added.

According to the park, the Shaka! ride gets going at speeds up to 40 mph.

Santana said her nephews "had a blast" at the park, which opened last year.

"The park was perfect for their short attention spans," said Santana. "There were hardly any lines and this was on a Saturday. We went on everything twice."

Santana said she also enjoyed the park's oasis, where only adults are allowed.

The park can accommodate up to 5,000 guests at a time.

Admission to the park is $30 for adults and $20 for children. It is about 30 minutes west of Waikiki in Kapolei on the H1 freeway.

The park also has the following attractions:

  • Waterworld -- A children's structure with water slides, water cannons, fountains and mini-slides.
  • Hurricane Bay -- A wave pool for body surfing with two- to four-foot waves.
  • Waianae Coaster Four -Water slides with two of them enclosed in darkness.
  • Kapolei Kooler -- A 15-foot-wide, 800-foot-long river.
  • Big Kahuna -- Three double-tube slides.
  • Flyin' Hawaii -- Two large water slides.
  • Surfsliders -- Four serpentine slides.
  • Keiki Kove -- Shallow children's pool with water toys and play animals.
  • Windjammer Food Court and Kaukau Cafe.
  • Luau Lagoon -- A shaded area for groups, with catering available.
  • For more information, call Hawaiian Waters Adventure Park at (808) 674-9283. The Web address is

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