Guidelines List Safety Tips on How to View Wildlife

KODIAK -- Wildlife viewing, one of Alaska's top attractions, is an activity that should be done within guidelines created to minimize the impact on the creatures being viewed and on the viewer.

Bears, for example, are not by nature a threat to humans, but they can become agitated, aggressive and dangerous when they are disturbed or surprised.

Viewers should take no chances.

Here, courtesy of Kodiak Island Ultimate Adventures, are a few tips to make the viewing of wildlife safer and more enjoyable.

* Always observe all wild animals from a safe distance.

Use binoculars and employ long-range camera lenses for close-ups.

* Be alert and avoid sudden movements.

* Avoid surprising bears; make plenty of noise as you move through areas they might inhabit.

* Do not come between any wild creature and its young.

* Never leave food for wild animals.

* Stick to the trails laid out by your guides.

* Dispose of all garbage and leftover foodstuffs properly in order to avoid attracting and, possibly, causing damage wild animals.

* Do not attempt to handle or to "adopt" wild animals that might appear to be lost or orphaned.

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