Newspapers and magazines will occasionally order up a facelift, tweak the design, change the typeface, create more possibilities for the use of color, graphics, pictures, charts. In case you haven't noticed, we're doing it right now.

It's a hard process because people often react defensively to change. We meet a suggestion for change as if it were an accusation that's something's wrong with the old way. There may be nothing wrong with the old way, other than the fact that it's the old way.

The challenge for any product redesign is to make it fresh and reinvigorate it without radically changing the underlying character of the thing, the reason for its existence.

So we're trying to do that with this issue of Travel Weekly. We've been bringing you the news since, literally, the beginning of the jet age. And we will continue to do that. But jets look a little different these days, so it's fitting that we change with the times, too.

We timed the rollout of our new design to coincide with the delivery of this issue to the thousands of travel agents and suppliers who will be attending the ASTA World Travel Congress in Las Vegas.

The idea was to get some additional exposure, to showcase our new look, get some attention, get some first-hand reactions, create a buzz.

Upon reflection, it dawned on us that there's probably no better place in the world to stage a makeover than Las Vegas.

If you're in Las Vegas, look around. It's Vegas, all right. Some familiar landmarks are gone since the last time ASTA held a convention here. It's become Paris, New York, Venice and countless other fantasies. But it is, unmistakably, Las Vegas, and it changed as only Las Vegas could have.

We hope our makeover is that successful.

And we offer the same hope to the thousands of travel agents, at the convention and elsewhere, who are struggling with change.

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